Unearthing More Hidden Info on 9-11. 2 Articles of Note.

7 11 2011

This week we posted here 2 items that have great interest to those who explore the events of 9-11. Both are by Trowbridge H. Ford. One has all new information and the other is from his 2002 archives.

9-11 wasn’t in the headline so here they are:

Why America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ Had Gareth Williams Assassinated

“. . . The most important act in damage-control was preventing the full disclosure of the planes’ passenger lists – what left out the names of the 19 suicide bombers, and the unarmed 15 agents who had futilely tried to stop them – what permitted conspiracy theorists to go wild about who was really on the planes, who or what piloted them, why the buildings around the WTC really collapsed, etc. The most damaging evidence that Washington, especially NSA, could not suppress was all the telephone calls, especially those of Barbara Olson, that passengers on the planes made and received before they died.  . . . “


O’Neill: A Voice in the Wilderness? A Reprint of the 2002 Article About FBI Terrorism Expert John O’Neil


” . . .  The CIA was sufficiently concerned about the FBI’s lack of action in the face of the growing threat of terrorism, and arranged a meeting at its New York office on 11 June 2001. The meeting turned into a shouting match when CIA agents refused to tell what they knew about Al-MIdhar and Al-Hamzi. By this time, O’Neill was in the process of resigning and talking to French reporters Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasque, who were researching The Forbidden Fruit about how the White House plan was the Taliban was interfering with the war on terrorism.  . . . “

The first is exclucively here the second isn’t on line and is from a 2002 magazine piece.

Feel free to repost these important articles.  – F.C.