DEAD MEN DON’T TALK: Gold Price Manipulation, The DOJ & Banker Suicides

19 09 2019


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“…Perhaps JP Morgan was the preferred criminal enterprise to execute these criminal, immoral activities for decades, but then had a falling out with the neocons and global bankers. And now, because of this falling out, they are being systematically taken down, not to end gold and silver price manipulation, but to be replaced with another puppet that will strictly follow the orders of the US dollar cartel”

Gold Price Manipulation, the DOJ, and Banker Suicides 

Today, I want to explore the real impetus behind the US Department of Justice investigation into JP Morgan’s nefarious gold price rigging schemes, because I suspect there is much more to this story than what meets the eye. Why has the US DOJ suddenly embraced the fight for justice against bankers and charged them with charges normally reserved for criminal racketeering organizations under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) act…

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Global Financial Fraud and its Gatekeepers

16 07 2012

By Naomi Wolf

Last fall, I argued that the violent reaction to Occupy and other protests around the world had to do with the 1%ers’ fear of the rank and file exposing massive fraud if they ever managed get their hands on the books. At that time, I had no evidence of this motivation beyond the fact that financial system reform and increased transparency were at the top of many protesters’ list of demands.

But this week presents a sick-making trove of new data that abundantly fills in this hypothesis and confirms this picture. The notion that the entire global financial system is riddled with systemic fraud and that key players in the gatekeeper roles, both in finance and in government, including regulatory bodies, know it and choose to quietly sustain this reality – is one that would have only recently seemed like the frenzied hypothesis of tinhat-wearers, but this week’s headlines make such a conclusion, sadly, inevitable. . .  (more)

AND – By Dick Destiny

“The preeminent national security challenge faced by this country is devolution into the equivalent of a banana republic with the largest military in world history and all the implications of that for stability and, ahem, the preservation of economic well-being. The future disappeared for millions, right in front of their eyes, between 2007 and 2008. What’s left is still dribbling away.”

JP Morgan just “Donated” 4.6 MILLION $$$ to thugs at NYPD

1 10 2011

game on …. 

Top US Security Agencies had Pakistan Techs Install Software

6 05 2011

ISI and tech co. P-Tech seem be controlled in turn by the CIA –

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Archival reprint of the useful 2004 event “Summer of Truth”

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