The Meaning of Blue and White Stripes on the Temple at Little St. James – Mamluks and Pedos

25 07 2019

Pedo Island of Jeffrey Epstein –

Venetian embassy to the Mamluks in Damascus in 1511

This Mamluks connection was discovered by this fellow, Redpill Ken (who uses strong language but makes good points). Mamluks were big time pedophiles – 


And then we find out this stuff is supposed to be all around L.A. too . . . cre-e-e-epy! 


IKKK-K-K!  They’re everywhere!

Sick, Sick Clinton Associates’ Behavior

8 11 2016

Note – we updated this high-traffic page, Know Your Facts About Epstein Pedo-Scandal and the Clintons, with a new photo of Epstein’s pedophile temple showing  an underground entry.

The FC blog has constant updates on posts and add-in material in comments but that page had many new viewers. And speaking of comment-updates . . .

spiderWebThis sick, sick, sick post about Hillary and evidently satanic rituals elevated above the rumor stage this this week thanks to WikiLeaks’ Podesta e-mails has new updates too. Many new items – not for the squeamish – are in the comments to the post.

Hillary Clinton’s inner circle makes ‘Silence of the Lambs‘ look like a nursery rhyme.