Noticing Iran Quakes Coincide with US/Iran Friction

22 07 2018

Just sayin’ . . .

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit western Iran on Sunday, injuring at least 25 people, hours after two quakes struck Hormozgan province in the south

‘US Should Know War With Iran Is Mother of All Wars’ – Iranian President. The statement came just a day after Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei supported President Hassan Rouhani’s suggestion that his country may block Gulf oil exports in the event Iranian exports are stopped.

Earlier we reported on tectonic weapons the US resorts to Pure Evil Tasks Performed by Sub Named After Jimmy Carter


US 1945 Proposal to Create Earthquakes in Japan Using Bombs

22 06 2014

The declassified document is here.

Page 5 :


Cold War Enemies of US Get the SHAKES!

9 04 2013


6.3 QUAKE this morning in Iran

. . . after large quake near  N. Korea (in Eastern Russia )

USGS map original . . .         

flying cuttlefish picayune

The Flying Cuttlefish Picayune crack research team has been paying particular interest to Trowbridge H. Ford’s exposé on the NSA(National Security Agency)and its bastard child, the NRO(National Reconnaisance Office) and their utilization of earthquake makingweapons.

From his series “Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters”, Part One:

 And by this time, Admiral Studeman had managed to become NSA’s director, and was interested in what KH-12 satellites could really do rather than make them simply survivable in the event of a Soviet attack – what the previous director General William Odom was obsessed with. Studeman was able to work easily behind the back of his nominal superior, DCI Judge William Webster, who had been selected to clean up the Agency’s image after the Iran-Contra scandal.

While the world was occupied with the West’s growing confrontation with Saddam Hussein, Washington apparently pulled a surprise on the troublesome Iranians…

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6.0 Quake in E. Kazakhstan

28 01 2013



Sumatra Big Quake of April, 2012 Caused a Cascade of Quakes Worldwide

9 01 2013

Rare great earthquake triggers large aftershocks all over the globe

A Magnitude-8.6 earthquake on April, 11, 2012 set in motion an unprecedented increase in global seismic activity, study shows.

Large earthquakes can alter seismicity patterns across the globe in very different ways, according to two new studies by U.S. Geological Survey seismologists.  . . .  (more)

see SPOOKS on the top tabs and Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters for lots of info on man-made earthquakes – 😉

Evil Tasks Performed by Sub Named After Jimmy Carter

7 12 2012

where were these subs today?

NOTE – 7.3 Quake hits off Fukushima nuke meltdown ON PEARL HARBOR ANNIVERSARY. See article on man-made earthquakes – Pure Evil Tasks Performed by Sub Named After Jimmy Carter (reposted here)

flying cuttlefish picayune

Evil, evil dogs …. and Carter is completely oblivious to it all it seems.

Those mass whale killings in the Southern Ocean in 2004 were from underwater weapons used on the USS Jimmy Carter:

The Carter’s first use of its MMP apparently occurred around Thanksgiving Time, 2004, resulting in such big bangs underwater that 169 whales and dolphins were washed up on the coast of Trasmania during a three-day period. Its sound laser had apparently done the killing. The strength and low wavelength of its bangs simply drive them crazy. Australian Senator and Green Party leader Bob Brown, thanks to advice provided by Jim Cummings of the Acoustic Ecology Institute – blamed it upon “sound bombing” apparently by unknown exploration parties looking for oil as he had no idea that the Pentagon was responsible. Brown was no friend of the Bush administration having interrupted the President’s speech a year earlier…

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USA Made Those Iran Earthquakes

12 08 2012

Here’s a list of them (a few new ones).

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