U.S. militarization in Latin America condemned

8 06 2011
Conference condemns the militarization of Latin America by U.S.

Intellectuals, representatives of social movements and political forces gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last Wednesday (1st) to discuss the process of re-militarization of Latin America by the United States. The Continental Conference on Imperialist Militarization was attended by the writer, journalist and member of the Advisory Council of Mopassol, Estella Calloni, who warned about the U.S. military bases installed in Latin America.

It is now necessary to consider the military bases, the actions of paramilitaries in Colombia, the different forms of state terrorism employed, the presence of U.S. troops in Haiti and the situation of Mexico, facing a war between drug trafficking cartels, which has left over 37,000 dead since December 2006.

Estella Calloni positively assessed the realization of the Council of Defence meeting of UNASUL (Union of South American Nations) and the creation of the Center for Strategic Studies of Defense in Buenos Aires. “The CEED was created from the need to consolidate a South American identity on the subject of defense. It aims to build a vision of its own, oriented from the specific needs and common interests of the countries in the region. “

Another participant at the meeting, an anthropologist at the University of Washington, Adrienne Pine, denounced the U.S. role in the coup against the President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. . .  (more)


Honduran people mobilize for self determination

25 07 2009
Honduras and the Three-Ring Circus

….There is a three-ring circus distracting the global media from the authentic struggle – the one waged by the Honduran people, from below – and today none of the ringmasters dressed themselves in glory.

In ring one, we had Coup “president” Roberto Micheletti, who blinked when his troops did not arrest President Manuel Zelaya, who set foot on his country’s soil today at the border crossing – Los Manos – where we suggested he would yesterday.

In ring two, we had Zelaya, who himself blinked – inexplicably, from this community organizer’s lens, objectively viewed, a setback for his cause and his people – by not continuing his walk toward Tegucigalpa after the coup regime blinked. A few more steps forward and he would have either called the regime’s bluff, and continued marching, or he would have ended up in prison, inspiring the people to go the extra yardage necessary to topple the coup.

And in ring three, we had US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claimed that Zelaya’s actions today were “reckless.” Today Clinton proved, once and for all, that she is not competent to do the job of foreign minister. What an asshole. It is Clinton who demonstrated that she is reckless about democracy. The actions she called “reckless” were those of a Honduran citizen and elected president doing no more than trying to rejoin his own feet with his own land. What makes her behavior today so obviously inept and deserving of eternal contempt is that she used such strong words to criticize a guy who, when push came to shove, did exactly what she had recommended, when Zelaya backed down. The only reckless thing he did was shrink from putting the next foot in front of the other…. (more)