Again with Neb. Nuke Plant Flooding/Danger …. Cooper NPP

16 03 2019


Old 2011 stories on Cooper flooding

Agenda-Free TV:


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PG&E could face criminal charges in Camp Fire deaths

1 01 2019

KRCR – PG&E could face criminal charges in Camp Fire deaths

” . . .  In the case of the Camp Fire, the company is potentially on the hook for involuntary manslaughter and implied-malice murder. “



Watching the San Andreas Fault in California

3 11 2018

At 3:15 min. mark about 4:30 he says Muddy Springs, California moved 60 feet in 1 week and then 60 feet in 1 day:


Muddy Springs is near the coast, west from the Oroville Dam above Sacramento.

The Watchers – Salton Buttes lava domes: Mud volcano threatens railroad track and state highway, California



LA TimesA San Andreas fault mystery: The ‘slow-moving disaster’ in an area where the Big One is feared

” . . . A muddy spring mysteriously has begun to move at a faster pace through dry earth — first 60 feet over a few months, and then 60 feet in a single day, according to Imperial County officials.”

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Shakin’ and Quakin’ Continues – 7.1 Quake just hit Peru

24 08 2018



RSOE live data map

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M4.4 Quake in S. California

15 08 2018





8M Quake Near Papua

17 12 2016

USGS says it is  7.9


Mary Greeley – Earthquake! M8.0 – 882 km NE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


Residents flee to hills after quake off Papua New Guinea; tsunami threat passes