Trump Statement on Putin-Ukraine Feb. 22, 2022

24 02 2022

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One of the first things that Trump did, when he became President, was arrange to send liquified natural gas (LNG) to Poland, which was the earliest strong evidence that he wasn’t Russia’s man. And, he’s telling the truth, when he says, that he was the hardest on Putin. The other Presidents coddled Putin like he was a pet puppy, whereas he was a baby bear, who grew up. “Bears are carnivoran mammals of the family Ursidae. They are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans.

Both Dems, and apparent Kremlin operatives pretending to be Alt-right conservatives, have been distorting what Trump has said about Putin. The motives for the first are clear. The motive of the second is apparently to get conservative America on Putin’s side. Never forget that Biden’s Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, waived the Nord Stream sanctions, which allowed it to be completed. The head…

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Judicial Watch: CDC Coordinated with Facebook On COVID Messaging and ‘Misinformation’; CDC Received Over $3.5 Million in Free Advertising from Social Media Companies, JULY 28, 2021

29 07 2021

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An older, simpler, term is social control.

Judicial Watch News Release:
Judicial Watch: CDC Coordinated with Facebook On COVID Messaging and ‘Misinformation’; CDC Received Over $3.5 Million in Free Advertising from Social Media Companies, JULY 28, 2021

Washington, DC) Judicial Watch announced today that it received 2,469 pages of new documents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reveal that Facebook coordinated closely with the CDC to control the COVID narrative and “misinformation” and that over $3.5 million in free advertising given to the CDC by social media companies.

These new documents were received in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Health of Human Services (No. 1:21-cv-00625)) lawsuit for:

Any and all records of communication between CDC officials and/or employees and employees, agents, and/or representatives of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube concerning, regarding, or relating…

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In North Carolina, Home to the Notorious Baric-UNC Chapel Hill Coronavirus Lab, Health Dept. Brings Covid-19 Shots to the Doorstep

15 07 2021

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They should telephone or have the property manager contact people and not just show up on people’s doorsteps, and yet they are doing just that in various places across the United States.

Remember that North Carolina is home to the Baric lab, which has engaged in gain of function coronavirus research and which has partnered with the Wuhan Virology Institute (WIV). Because of patents, Baric and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill may make some money from the vaccines. Additionally, the COVID-19 could have been designed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill:

These door to door vaccine pushers in LA (Los Angeles or Louisiana?) do not appear to know much English:

If you are a home-property owner then put up your “No Trespassing Signs”, unless you want a vaccine: You may want to investigate the trespassing laws for your state. If you aren’t…

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Trump Leads Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Inc., Jack Dorsey, Google LLC, and Sundar Pichai for Violation of First Amendment Rights

8 07 2021

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President Trump Takes on Big Tech
Constitutional Litigation Partnership
America First Policy Institute Published July 7, 2021 America First Policy Institute Published July 7, 2021

Starts at around 6 or 7 minutes.

The America First Policy Institute Applauds Lawsuit to Hold Big Tech Accountable JULY 7, 2021
BEDMINSTER, NJ—The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) applauds the class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida by Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and other brave patriots representing Americans who have had their First Amendment rights violated by Defendants Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Inc., Jack Dorsey, Google LLC, and Sundar Pichai.

Protected by an outdated and misinterpreted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, these elites and their firms ride roughshod over some of the most fundamental American rights: the right to speak…

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The Statue of Liberty is an Anti-Slavery Anti-Oppression Monument – Not a Pro-Immigration Monument 🗽

4 07 2021

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Abolition: The Statue’s shackles and feet.
National Park Service, Statue of Liberty NM

Even the Statue of Liberty was hijacked by the immigration-first lobby. It was meant to represent exactly what it is named – liberty. It is an anti-slavery, anti-oppression monument. Post Civil War economic immigration and Post Civil Rights Movement economic immigration was a double hijacking of the Statue, because it reduced opportunity for former slaves and their descendants; women, and ultimately all Americans.

In 1924 US Civil Rights leader, A. Philip Randolph, said regarding the post Civil War immigration wave: “We favor shutting out the Germans from Germany, the Italians from Italy, the Hindus from India, the Chinese from China, and even the Negroes from the West Indies. This country is suffering from immigrant indigestion. It is time to call a halt on this grand rush for American gold, which over-floods the labor…

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US Taxpayer-Debt Gifted $80 Million+ to Bill Gates’ TerraPower for an Ultra-Dangerous Sodium Cooled Nuclear Reactor Project; Biden Wants to Give Him More

10 06 2021

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Sodium (Natrium) is highly reactive. It combusts upon contact with air, and reacts violently with water. Nuclear and sodium are a dangerous combination with a bad track record. They aren’t new and haven’t been “advanced” since the 1950s.

3 pounds of sodium plus water. Public domain via wikimedia

Bill Gates had a “net worth” of $144.2 billion (US), as of June 5, 2021, making him the fourth richest individual in the world. Why are hard-working American taxpayers supposed to give him money, then, for a dangerous and costly nuclear reactor, or anything else? Why is the US incurring more debt for this? Why is Bill Gates allowed to mine the taxpayer?

Gates and TerraPower chose the Latin (and German) term for sodium, “Natrium” – perhaps to distance it from the many historic dangerous sodium reactors and maybe to sound natural:

In a Chapter 5 on “Liquid Sodium–Cooled Fast…

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USAID Admits to Giving $1.1 Million to Wuhan Lab for PREDICT Coronavirus Research; Now USAID Plotting Another $125 Million to Hunt for & Possibly Spread More Viruses (DEEP VZN)

27 05 2021

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So, who’s the psychopath? Trump, who tried to stop this dangerous crap? Or, those who are plotting more? Clearly those spending money to grab poor bats from their caves, test their feces, and risk spreading around diseases that might have stayed in caves are either cruel idiots or psychopaths. Alternatively, they may be pretending that they tested the bats, when the viruses are really bioengineered and they are just bat virus laundering. The second appears easier, and more probable.

Excerpt from the new grant proposal talking about the previous grants. (Yeah, that worked out really well for people wanted more grant monies and for bio-tech pharma but not for the rest of the world): “Established the “proof of principle” that countries can carry out safe capture and sampling of wildlife followed by conventional PCR testing of blood, urine, feces, or oral/nasal swabs for up to 28 families of zoonotic…

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