The US Constitution Reserves To Congress The Right To Declare War Because History Showed That Executives May Go To War For Reasons Which Are Not In The National Interest

14 04 2018

very timely . . . QUICK! Before it’s censored!

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The British model gave the king the absolute power to make war. The American framers [of the Constitution] repudiated that form of government because their study of history convinced them that executives go to war not for the national interest but to satisfy personal desires of glory, ambition, and fame. The resulting military adventures were disastrous to their countries, both in lives lost and treasures squandered.” L. Fisher: (The Framers were those involved in deciding and writing what is in the US Constitution, not picture frame makers. The dictionary says authors but it is apparently more complex: )

People were alarmed to learn that many Americans don’t recall any names of Holocaust concentration-death camps, but how many can’t recall who has the right to declare war? Perhaps because the Constitution has been ignored so many times? How many thought it was the US President and that…

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Idaho Nuke Waste Accident – Mystery Over Details < solved by Nuke Pro

14 04 2018


“Federal officials early Thursday activated an Emergency Operations Center and sent crews to a reported incident at a nuclear site in eastern Idaho. The U.S. Department of Energy in a statement said it’s gathering information about the incident at the 890-square-mile (2,305-square-kilometer) site that includes the Idaho National Laboratory. Officials haven’t released details about the type of incident reported at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex…”

It’s an “incident” … move along, nothing to see here ….


Nuke Pro found out what it was … a “radioactive sludge barrel rupture” ….

DETAILS – (4-12) Another Radioactive Barrel Heading to WIPP Explodes

The Idaho Statesman Drum of radioactive sludge ruptures at INL waste complex

Mining Awareness – Smoldering Nuclear Waste Barrel Fire At Idaho National Nuclear Lab

” . . . According to the Idaho National Lab web site: “INL is the nation’s lead laboratory for nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment…” In short, they are the lead lab for promoting more nuclear and creating more nuclear waste. But, Idaho managed to sue and get a sweetheart of a deal that says they don’t keep nuclear waste in their state! And, so the nuclear waste barrel which caught fire was to go to the crammed full of nuclear waste and collapsing salt bed mine called WIPP in New Mexico, which has already had a nuclear waste fire.


Catalan coup – What Julian Assange was exposing when they shut him up.

29 03 2018

Julian Assange was silenced (see next post) after he began exposing Spain’s abduction of Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont  in Germany.

Spain and EU want Catalonia to knuckle under and quit all this talk of succession.  They arrested him in what looks like an illegal move to shut him up. Then they cut the internet access to Julian Assange.

This video gives a recap of the Catalonia/Spain dispute –



WSWS – The arrest of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont: Another step toward a police state in Europe

The arrest of former Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont in Germany is a major step toward the development of a police state in Europe. The Europe-wide police-state structures, which emerged under the pretext of combatting terrorism and cracking down on refugees, are now being deployed against political opponents.

Puigdemont’s arrest was conducted based on a European arrest warrant. These warrants were introduced in 2004 to simplify the extradition process between EU member states following the elimination of internal border controls. They were allegedly aimed at combatting terrorism, gangs, people trafficking, the drugs trade, and other serious criminal offences.

Ever since, the police, intelligence services and judiciaries in the EU member states have intensified their cooperation. Puigdemont’s arrest was planned by Spanish intelligence, which had been following him across Europe with 10 to 12 agents. It was done in close consultation with Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, which received information from Spanish intelligence about Puigdemont’s car and route ahead of time and organized the arrest.

The charges against Puigdemont are as hypocritical as they are fraudulent. . . . (more)

The Intercept – Field of Vision – 44 Messages from Catalonia


A good article with MAPS:
Mining Awareness – Catalan Independence Protestors Block Critically Important Highways Connecting Spain With Europe

“Because of the mountains, Catalans and Basques together could totally block Spain’s access to Europe by highway and railway…”

Backstoryfrom Oct., 2017 – A Mix of Hope, Fear and Anger in Catalonia After Millions Vote for Independence From Spain


Entergy Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station: Workers Given Exam Answers; Workers Failed To Make Rounds-Falsified Records

15 03 2018

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Staircase from the Windsor Plantation Ruins, now located at Alcorn State University near Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station

Perhaps this should be entitled: “US Nuclear Power Station: Illiterate Workers Sleeping On the Job?” Or “More US Nuclear Exam Cheating – This Time Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station And Failure To Make Rounds” Or perhaps: “Ya’ll Oughta Go Work At The Nuclear Plant: They Give The Answers To The Exams; You Can Sleep On The Job And They Pay Real Good”

If Russia effectively saying “Whatcha gonna do Theresa (UK Prime Minister), we got the A-Bomb” [1], didn’t have you falling off your chair, maybe this will:

According to the US NRC, at Grand Gulf nuclear workers were told: “the only thing y’all got to do is go out there“. They were given the answers on the exams, or the answers filled in for them; some didn’t do their…

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Nearly 2 Million Homes, Businesses Without Power After East Coast Storm; Status Of Nuclear Power Stations?

4 03 2018

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Winter Storm Riley – Nor’easter with nuclear power stations (orange skulls) early am EDT am UTC March 3 2018

Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. So much for the “baseload power” lies. Worse, they require energy input for cooling, so as not to meltdown. Even though they can’t be turned off, they are supposed to be powered down during extreme weather.

The storm set in on Friday, bringing winds up to 145 kph (90 mph) and flooding the streets of Boston and nearby coastal towns. More flooding was expected late Saturday, during high tide. In New York and Pennsylvania, the private forecasting service AccuWeather said as much as 46 centimeters (18 inches) of rain had fallen...” (VOA, Saturday March 3, 2018, 6.57 pm)

We don’t know the status of the nuclear power stations impacted by Winter Storm “Bomb Cyclone” Riley. The…

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US East Coast Nuclear Bomb Cyclone? Pilgrim & Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Scrams-Power Reduction-Loss of Cooling Water Point To The Risks

7 01 2018

disaster waiting in the wings …


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Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. So much for the “baseload power” lies. Why are the nuclear utilities courting nuclear disaster during blizzard – extreme cold conditions? Price Anderson limits their liability is why:

GOES-16 ABI image of the Early January 2018 Nor’easter maturing off the east coast of the United States. Date 4 January 2018, NOAA:
Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. Worse, they require energy input for cooling, so as not to meltdown. Even though they can’t be turned off, they are supposed to be powered down during extreme weather, but were apparently not for the recent blizzard with hurricane force winds. Pilgrim nuclear power station near Boston had a forced shutdown due to loss of power, and Oyster Creek near Philadelphia reduced its power due to low water levels in…

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South Texas Nuclear – Is It Really Watertight? If The Dam Fails Can They Shut The Doors Quickly Enough?

2 09 2017

 More on the flood-threatened Texas nuke plants at The Bugle


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August 31st NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen, using data from the Land Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) Zoom in of image shows the huge main cooling reservoir-dam at the South Texas Nuclear Power Station site – green spot top center of image – apparently still intact as of August 31st, though the nearby waterways continue(d) to rise.

The STP site has mainly flat topography with few gentle slopes. Elevations across the site range from 15ft (4.6 m) NGVD29 to 30ft (9.1 m) NGVD29 with plant grade of 28ft (8.53 m) NGVD29.

If you read, or even just glance, through the US NRC’s flooding walkdown summary, below, then you will quickly get ideas as to to what the “one thing after another” that Raihan Kondker was “working tirelessly to manage” at South Texas Nuclear Power Station, according to the article…

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