Mitsubishi Military Industrial Complex Nuked in Nagasaki: Mitsubishi Still Lives While Victims Still Die

9 08 2017

Mining Awareness: Mitsubishi Military Industrial Complex Nuked in Nagasaki: Mitsubishi Still Lives While Victims Still Die

71 years later, today, people are still dying as a result of the delayed effect of radiation. Atomic bomb hospitals are full of those people

Secret MOX Plutonium Fuel Shipment Planned From French Gov Owned AREVA To Japan; Trump Administration Approved with Tillerson as Lead

8 06 2017

Best bit: Japan (who lost the war with the USA) has 48 tons of plutonium(!)

A Green Road blog reports Aussies just booted a plan to import nuke waste from all over –

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Mere Coincidence or somehow related? AREVA Nuclear Fuel Facility in Washington State used to be Exxon Nuclear Fuel until 2001. Former Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State, is lead on plutonium fuel shipment approval under the terms of the US – Japan Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreement of 1988, according to the article below. If it is like CFIUS then Trump has ultimate veto power. Trump’s uncle warned him that nuclear is dangerous, so he knows better than most, making this more criminal: Because of the proximity to North Korea, they may blame North Korean weapons testing if there is a major accident. The Takahama Nuclear Power Station is on the Sea of Japan.

On Tuesday, the same day that Takahama 3 reactor restarted on the other side of Japan, “The JAEA said five workers at a nuclear facility that handles plutonium have been exposed to high…

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WordPress Doesn’t Want You to Look at Mining Awareness Blog – Run Right There and Look at it!

19 05 2017

Our RSS feed for MINING AWARENESS has been busted by WP for days.

MINING AWARENESS reports on hard to find nuke issues and nuke waste bad storage world-wide.

If there’s anything we hate, it’s censorship!!


Were Nuclear Power Station Piping Problems Fixed at Hunterston B in Scotland? Is it even Possible?

9 11 2016

These photos need wide distribution!

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In 2012 there was a “Discovery of problems with planned pipework routes during installation of the new nitrogen system tie-ins to the Reactor 3 pressure vessel” at French State owned (EDF) Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station in Scotland. Was this problem ever rectified? All that could be found is the following statement: “the proposed pipe work layout created operational difficulties and EDF NGL decided to complete the connection to the existing system and the tie-ins were duly installed, but postpone full installation pending a new layout design following a return to service.” (UK Office for Nuclear Regulation – see more below). Also, could it be rectified without total reconstruction of this old nuclear power station?

On 3 December 1977 The Times reported that seawater had entered the reactor through a modification of the secondary cooling system. Was the bypass ever repaired? (See more below.)

These photos…

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Watts Bar ‘New’ Reactor Blows After Just 4 Days

26 10 2016

Mining Awareness:whiteRAD88

 America’s Pre-Rotted “New” Nuclear Reactor Not Working: Power at Zero Percent; Commercial Ops for Watts Bar 2 Lasted Only Four Days! Apparent SCRAM

EXTRA: US NRC PR Person Lazy or Engaged in Cover-up of the Offline Status of Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor 2

UK Nuclear Weapons and Waste Convoys Imperil Scotland

25 09 2016


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According to a new report by Rob Edwards, a nuclear convoy accident in the centre of Glasgow would put approximately 776,370 local residents at risk of radioactive contamination.
The Emigrants statue in Helmsdale, Scotland, surrounded by mist at the base of the Highland Mountains, red enhanced
One of the worst types of accident that could happen is a collision between a tanker and a lorry carrying Trident nuclear weapons. The intense heat that would follow a fuel fire could engulf a nuclear warhead. The smoke drifting downwind would be contaminated with lethal plutonium. A severe fire could also cause the high explosive in the weapon to detonate. Although a nuclear explosion is unlikely, a conventional explosion in a Trident warhead would still have a devastating effect, dispersing plutonium for miles around.” Kirsten Oswald cited in “House of Commons Briefing Paper, Number 07542, 29 June 2016, Nuclear Convoys“, by Louisa Brooke-Holland:
(In such a context it would appear that all of greater Glasgow and…

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Typhoon Lionrock To Cause Torrential Rainfall, Ground Instability, Warnings for the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Region

29 08 2016

whiteRADblackREDGet ready for MORE FALLOUT!

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Typhoon Lionrock trajectory, rain August 29, 30 2016
Green is above average rainfall. Kyodo news has said as much of 500 mm could fall, which is 19.7 inches – torrential rain. One can but hope that this is inaccurate.

Typhoon Lionrock is expected to make landfall to the north of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power station. This is expected to cause “inundation” (flooding) and “ground-loosening”, which will mean even more dumping of radioactive water to the Pacific. And, people had better be concerned about this, because even fairly short-lived radionuclides, like tritium, will be radioactive for longer than you will be alive. Large amounts of rainfall and “ground-loosening” could be detrimental to the stability of the nuclear power station itself. It seems that “ground-loosening” could involve more than landslides per se.

This Pacific Garbage Patch Map Shows Why North America Should be Highly Concerned. World Currents found at the bottom of the page indicate that some of it…

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