KPMG study: collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040

14 07 2021

Daily Mail [UK] – 

1972 prediction of the collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040: Economic growth will halt in decade, food will become scarce and human population will decline, KPMG study finds 

  • MIT used a world simulation model to learn how our world would fair from 1972 to 2060





Tornado Twilight Zone

26 05 2011

OK. Raise your hand if you think this spring tornado mess in the US is regular ol’ weather phenomena.

 The huge amounts of tornadoes sweeping across Alabama like a flock of birds is mighty strange.

In Missouri they had a flock too.

And lots had multiple funnels.

And lots were super high speed F4 & F5s.

And the worst ones were ¾ to 1 mile wide!

And on the weather map when these 2 events happened they were weather events that were many states wide and swept across or diagonally up  the continent without petering out. And there were other mega-storms recently that stalled rain over the southwest US for weeks at a time. Those were a large fraction of the continent in size too.

The ocean temps may be the cause – the Gulf of Mexico is way up in temp. – but how would that make a giant tornado zipping around an agricultural basin make a beeline straight for the downtown of the nearest large city (Tuscaloosa & Joplin) hitting the biggest commercial centers? And while digging up these towns not bouncing up (as tornadoes are oft to do) but staying down, churning for miles at a stretch.  

These tornadoes are too many, too big and too weird. They come on the heels of a giant earthquake in Japan, in New Zealand, in Chile and Haiti.  The come on the heels of Iceland’s volcanoes popping off with enough ash to stop European air space.

Since we’re in the Tornado Twilight Zone already let’s take a walk down Weirdie Lane to HAARPVILLE.

ARCO, Eastlund and the Roots of HAARP

All atomic and electronic technologies, from household appliances to nuclear weapons radiate energetic particles.

While the immediate impacts of human-caused electromagnetic pollution are generally imperceptible, the long-term consequences for the biosphere can be profound.

In 1988, OMNI magazine raised concerns about the environmental consequences of a bizarre electromagnetic invention.

According to OMNI, ARCO, the US oilgiant, found itself wondering what to do with the estimated 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that it hoped to extract from Alaska’s North

While this was enough energy to supply the US for a year, the gas fields were too far from any potential customers.

ARCO concluded that it would be too expensive to liquefy the gas and ship it thousands of miles to urban centers. What was needed was a client that wanted access to vast amounts of energy on-site — in the wilds of Alaska.

Bernard Eastland, an MIT and Columbia University physicist with eight years
experience with the Atomic Energy Commission, came to the rescue with an extraordinary plan to use the energy “at the point of production.”

Eastland, who soon became president of ARCO’s Production Technologies International Company in Houston, proposed burning the vast Alaskan gas fields to power a huge electric generator.

The resulting power would be directed into a huge antenna complex, 40 miles on a side. The antennae would be used to focus an intense beam of electro- magnetic energy into the upper atmosphere where it would collide with the ionosphere to create a phenomenon called the “mirror force.”

“You can virtually lift part of the upper atmosphere,” Eastland told OMNI, “You can make it move, do things to it.”

One of the tricks Eastland envisioned involved “surgically” distorting the ionosphere to disrupt global communications.

Pushing the upper atmosphere around might also generate high-altitude “drag” that could heat and deflect enemy missiles or surround them with “high-energy electrons” that might cause the missiles to detonate in mid-trajectory.

The proposal appealed to the Pentagon, which invested several hundred thousand dollars “evaluating” Eastland’s work. Eastland maintained that there were “peaceful” uses for his technology.

In one scenario, he explained how beams of electromagnetic power could lift portions of the upper atmosphere and redirect the jet stream to alter global weather patterns.

Using “plumes of atmospheric particles to act as a lens or focusing device,” Eastland proposed redirecting sunlight and heat to different parts of the Earth’s surface, making it possible to manipulate wind patterns, cause rainstorms in Ethiopia, drive hurricanes out of the Caribbean, incinerate airborne industrial pollution and sew up the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer.
Bill 517- House Bill 2995– Weather modification projects in the US it is illegal to conduct scientific experimentation on people without their knowledge and consent. 

‘Vortex Spiral’ RADAR Rings – out of North Carolina and Central Midwest

This is EXTRA-WEIRD! HOLES & RINGS showing up on the weather map before sci-fi weather happens.

These 2 vids show them – 

Severe Weather Alert: HAARP Rings Appear @ WA, OR, ID, MO, TN, LA, TX, AL, KY, NY = Severe in 24-48hrs!

Australian Radar spiral annomolies – H.A.A.R.P???

Weather-Making, Katrina, and the Gulf Tragedy