CIA preyed on psychiatric patients for secret LSD experiments in the 50s

20 08 2018

Continued from the previous post – Doctors without ethics take payoffs from CIA to experiment on unwitting patients as part of MKULTRA.


We are looking at the first folder, DOC_0000017481, in the first CD-Rom set on the page. It’s 36 pages
[ 0000017481_0001 to 0000017481_0036 ] of invoices and experiment summaries. 0020 says the patients “volunteered” but in 1954 who knew what the heck LSD was?



  • 0021 shows what a fixation the CIA and these crazy psychiatrists have with the adrenal cortex. At that time they were doing lobotomies right and left. In the same page they list 429 experiments on 28 “normal” subjects and some psychotics. They talk about using Lysergic Acid Ethyamide, LAE in hopes of creating a chemical lobotomy(!).
  • 0025 says they set up a whole “human laboratory” at the [blotted out] hospital.
  • 0034 has budget items and shows subjects paid a pittance while the bulk of the budget went to themselves.

As we go through the folders we will add additional info on this page – MKULTA Docs.
It is linked at the bottom of the SPOOKS page too.


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thanks to Dutchsinse

Let’s hope this attacker was just a nut and not a CIA-made-directed-nut like the Unabomber.

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