Fort Calhoun Nuke Plant Latest: The Missouri River is now expected to rise 2 feet higher at Blair, Neb., than experts predicted previously

9 07 2011

From the Omaha World Herald today –  (Blair is home of the flooded Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant) – – –

Blair update: The Missouri River is now expected to rise 2 feet higher at Blair, Neb., than experts predicted previously. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it revised its prediction for the river near Blair because of new information it received about how fast the water is moving at that point. The Corps now says the river will rise to between 32 and 34 feet next week after releases from Gavins Point Dam increase to 150,000 cubic feet per second. The river at Blair was already at 30.16 feet Friday. That’s well above the flood stage of 26.5 feet. The Corps says the gauge at Blair doesn’t collect data on the flow rate, so a team was sent out to collect that. This adjustment doesn’t affect other locations on the river.

Levee breached again: A third partial breach of a levee south of Hamburg, Iowa, has been plugged. Mike Crecelius, emergency management director for Fremont County, said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spotted the breach Thursday morning.

NOTE: Google has scrubbed ALL news reports about flooded nuke plants in Nebraska (Ft. Calhoun and the one just south of it, Cooper Station).


Los Alamos, Ft Calhoun, Fukushima nuclear plant Coverups

7 07 2011


Fukushima Spews, Los Alamos Burns, Vermont Rages and We’ve Almost Lost Nebraska

5 07 2011

from Huffington Post

By Harvey Wasserman

Humankind is now threatened by the simultaneous implosion, explosion, incineration, courtroom contempt and drowning of its most lethal industry.

We know only two things for certain: worse is yet to come, and those in charge are lying about it — at least to the extent of what they actually know, which is nowhere near enough.

Indeed, the assurances from the nuke power industry continue to flow like the floodwaters now swamping the Missouri Valley heartland. . .  (more)

ALSO –  a documentary by NHK on Fukushima is online, in English –

NHK Special – Japan’s Nuclear Crisis, Part 1 

Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?

1 07 2011

Japan, (Pal Telegraph) – What in the world is really going on at Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun and Fukushima? There are millions of Americans that would like the truth about what is happening at these nuclear facilities, but the mainstream media has been strangely quiet. Instead, the mainstream media is running headlines such as “10 Dirtiest U.S. Beaches Named” and “Pole Dance Stops Times Square Cold”. Yes, those are actually headlines that appeared on the front pages of major mainstream news websites in the United States today. Sadly, you really have to dig to find anything about the problems that are currently happening at nuclear facilities in the United States, and the mainstream media seems to have gotten really tired of talking about Fukushima. It is almost as if the mainstream media actually prefers to talk about mindless things rather than focus on the truly important events that are happening all around us.

Look, most of us are not nuclear experts, but when one of our nuclear plants is completely surrounded by flood waters and another one is being seriously threatened by a raging wildfire we have a right to be concerned.

Sadly, the coverage by the mainstream media has been so sparse that the majority of Americans don’t even know that there are problems at Los Alamos and Ft. Calhoun. Most Americans also don’t understand how serious the Fukushima disaster really is. . .  (more)


Orwellian: “Radiation was being released deliberately” from Fukushima meltdown argued British gov’t.

Emails detailing how the UK government played down Fukushima show just how cosy it is with the nuclear industry 


Lies, Damn Lies, and Safe Nuclear Power

by Stephen Lendman

In any form, nuclear power is inherently unsafe. For decades, nuclear expert Helen Caldicott warned it must be abandoned, saying:
“As a physician, I contend that nuclear technology threatens life on our planet with extinction. If present trends continue, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink will soon be contaminated with enough radioactive pollutants to pose a potential health hazard far greater than any plague humanity has ever experienced.” . . .  (more)

U.S. Nuclear Scares and Dishonest Industry – Signs of Nuclear Crisis in America?

Despite the summer heat, numerous natural disasters across the nation has chilled the authorities and local citizens – not just because if their innate threats, but due to the extending threats posed by their neighboring nuclear power plants. . . 

Core Melt Possible Without Electricity + Nebraska Flooded Nuke Plants – June 27, 2011

27 06 2011


WSJ: Even though Ft. Calhoun reactor is in ‘shutdown’ it requires electricity to avoid melting of core 

[snip] ” . . . . Even when in shutdown mode, a nuclear plant requires electricity to keep key components cool in order to avoid any degradation or melting of the core that could result in the release of radiation.  . . .  “

Raw Video: Power Plant Circled by Flood Waters

Screen Shot:

Fort Calhoun - screen shot from video 6-27

Damn! This says Ft. Calhoun = 20 x Fukushimas [!!!] …. because of all the fuel rods stored there. They are in a room whose floor is  40 feet below ground level!!! –   Ft Calhoun Newest Photos Have Disappeared

Fukushima to Fort Calhoun: Radiation threat, data manipulation
From Fukushima to Fort Calhoun nuclear facilities, distrust of government and industry is increasing as are human rights to health, safety, and security violations according to recent reports in Japan and the United States. In the Fukushima area, pregnant women and children are now being provided radiation monitors to wear, after not told about the danger they were in, nor provided sufficient ways to flee harm’s way. Likewise, Americans have been denied easy access to radiation data, information about the threat of nuclear fallout from the Fukushima atomic catastrophe, and it’s own nuclear facilities’ threats. . . . .

Nuke Chief at Fort Calhoun, Critics Up Concerns

From June 26, this item has specifics on volume of water headed nuke plants’ way –

Flooding: The worst is yet to come

Imagine roughly 55 million acres — the entire surface of Nebraska and southwest Iowa — covered in a foot of water.
Now imagine trying to funnel all that water down a drainage canal surrounded by airports and homes, businesses and farms.
You can begin to grasp the unprecedented, slow-developing danger facing folks from Montana to Missouri from the Great Flood of 2011. . . .

Media is now outright LYING about the what the danger-water-level is at the Fort Calhoun nuke plant!  Acording the the NRC they could  have a station blackout with core damage within 15-18 hours if the water level reaches  1,010 feet.

But this typical story from the Omaha World Herald lies and says the “safe”  level is 1,014 feet.   4 feet might as well be 10 feet with this danger present!

Flooded Ft Calhoun Nuclear Plant: 4 emergency failures, 2 electric

Many containers of fuel to power pumps were washed away after breach at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant


River Level Interactive MAP from the Omaha World Herald :

NOAA Flood MAPS & Info  

 Map of Cooper Station Nuke Plant town, Brownville:

Flood Level at Cooper Sta. nuke plant


This video has new meaning since the Missouri River flood has encroached on 2 Nebraska nuke plants.    Eerie:

Video: US vs Japan: The Threat of Radiation Speculation

Leaks at aging [US]  nuke sites difficult to detect

Experts: What are the US Implications of the Japanese Nuclear Reactor Crisis?  [PDF file] 


26 06 2011

8-month-old NRC letter:

At 1,010 ft water would enter Ft. Calhoun’s auxiliary building, shorting power and submerging pumps; Could then have a station blackout with core damage within 15-18 hoursWater now at 1,007 ft

[The water level at Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant] reached a height of nearly 1,007 feet above sea level at the plant yesterday. […]

The NRC responded in its October 2010 letter that once flooding reached 1,004 feet, water would have entered the plant and the ability of emergency workers to move around the site would “significantly degrade.” […]

At 1,010 feet, water would begin to enter the auxiliary building, “shorting power and submerging pumps. The plant could then experience a station blackout with core damage estimated within 15 to 18 hours,” under a worst-case scenario, the NRC said.


22 06 2011