Emergency declared at New Jersey nuclear plant

30 04 2012

Multiple fire alarms sound after reactor shuts down — Tests were occurring on emergency cooling system — Cause remains under investigation


Google News blocking 9 of 14 news stories on it (so far)! – F.C.


Nuke Emergency at Salem unit 2, New Jersey (USA)

15 07 2011

“Emergency declared” at New Jersey nuke plant after reactor coolant leak — “Leakage outside containment”


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NJ Salem 2 Nuclear reactor cooling pump fail forces closure

28 06 2011

Salem 2 nuclear plant is under “hot-shutdown” mode and under investigation after a cooling pump failure caused it to close Monday according to Associated Press. It is one of three nuclear facilities supplying power to 3 million homes.

“Spokesman Jo Delmar tells Today’s Sunbeam of Salem that the Salem 2 reactor went offline automatically at 6 p.m.  . . . (more)


UPDATE, July 3

NRC extends Salem licence til 2040 [!!!]