Our Question for the London Fire Brigade about No Roof Rescue

17 06 2017

2011 BBC News story:

“In Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, fire crews have been tackling a moor fire which started on Tuesday and burned across 1.5 sq kms of land. A helicopter helped douse the flames with water from a reservoir and crews used small jets, back packs and beaters to put the fire out, which is now smouldering.”

ALT LINK – http://archive.is/kkNWD

Famous Erickson Aircrane Helitankers Set to Battle Bushfires Once Again

“Two innovative snorkel attachments for the Helitanker take 45 seconds or less to fill up from any freshwater or saltwater source at least 18 inches deep and have achieved the quickest turn-around times of any air brushfire asset. . . .”
” . . . It even has a huge basket that can carry up to sixty people for use in hi-rise rescues or marine accidents where it is lowered into the water to save lives.”

The Evoloution of Waterbombing