Protest Planned for Giant Nuke Biz “Summit” in The Hague March 23

21 03 2014

The dregs of humanity will converge on The Hague for the Earth-ending festival of evil. Protests are banned (which should double their size).

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It looks like they are going to try the Miami Model used at the FTAA.  

Once they supply all of this anti-gathering hardware and weaponry they warehouse it regionally for quick access for future use.  We all know that. And it doesn’t work.


The nuke industry summit official tweet page has lots of pictures…. mostly of security arrangements.

Greenpeace has been doing banner drops

ENE News has a good interview link – Growing likelihood Fukushima reactors will be entombed — Nuclear ‘sacrifice zone’ where they can only try to reduce contamination from escaping — Unprecedented situation, it’s flowing into Pacific Ocean continually adding to plume soon to hit West Coast