US East Coast Nuclear Bomb Cyclone? Pilgrim & Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Scrams-Power Reduction-Loss of Cooling Water Point To The Risks

7 01 2018

disaster waiting in the wings …


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Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. So much for the “baseload power” lies. Why are the nuclear utilities courting nuclear disaster during blizzard – extreme cold conditions? Price Anderson limits their liability is why:

GOES-16 ABI image of the Early January 2018 Nor’easter maturing off the east coast of the United States. Date 4 January 2018, NOAA:
Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. Worse, they require energy input for cooling, so as not to meltdown. Even though they can’t be turned off, they are supposed to be powered down during extreme weather, but were apparently not for the recent blizzard with hurricane force winds. Pilgrim nuclear power station near Boston had a forced shutdown due to loss of power, and Oyster Creek near Philadelphia reduced its power due to low water levels in…

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Helen Caldicott and Kate Orff Talk About Nexus of Harm From Petrochemical America

20 05 2012


2012 Is the Year to Finally Bury Nuke Power

8 01 2012

From Huffington Post

By Harvey Wasserman

The year 2012 has opened with news that Fukushima’s radioactive cloud may already have killed some 14,000 Americans, according to a major study just published in the International Journal of Health Services.

Germany and Japan, the world’s third and fourth largest economies, along with numerous others countries, have definitively turned away from the “Peaceful Atom.”

But it hasn’t yet been buried. That’s up to us. And 2012 is the year to do it. . . . (more)


There And Back Again: Sobering Thoughts About The Nuclear Madness We All Face

22 07 2011

By  Vincent L. Guarisco

When I go down the beaten path of memory lane and revisit all the hurdles my family went through in our life-long participation with the anti-nuclear movement, my breath become fast and quick. But when I think about the future in terms of where we’re headed today, I feel like I have no breath left in me. Big difference. The proliferation of today’s wide-open nuclear nuthatch is a godforsaken sore that never really healed for many of us who have fought the good battle. I’m not going to candy coat this, so listen up – the multiple reactor meltdowns at Japan’s Daiichi’s Nuclear Power Plant are a global killer, but it may not be the worst disaster we have to face. I am the offspring of an Atomic Veteran who’s been there and back again. I offer this essay as a sober testament of truth as an activist that will continue to fight the tyrannical nuclear industry tooth and nail, or until my last breath is drawn. But I might as well get the bad news out of the way first, I’m sorry to report that after all the hard effort; we may have only prolonged the inevitable…

In continuing, many years ago at the beginning of his journey, my father knew all too well how shrewd people can be. And rightfully so, he was used as a guinea pig in Uncle Sam’s nuclear weapons testing program that for him, produced a lifetime of activism. For me, having an atomic veteran father has been a wellspring of lessons , because I too have born witness to the many ostensive lies told by those who do not give it a second thought to kill anybody with impunity — to play God — for the glory of power and profit.

Indeed, without the slightest care for the sanctity of human life, the uncaring nuclear industrial complex, along with their enablers disguised as our protectors — the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), the Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), etc. has callously allowed millions of people to die with no remorse or guilt. . . .  (more)

California Nuke Plant Without Security System 45 Minutes – Hack Test???

20 07 2011

Security computer at San Onofre mysteriously shuts down

A security computer at the San Onofre nuclear generating plant near San Clemente mysteriously shut down early Saturday morning, prompting the plant manager to issue an “unusual event” report.

The computer, which monitors gates and doors as one part of the plant’s overlapping security systems, was restarted 45 minutes later without incident, and there were no threats to the plant’s security, officials said. . . .
[From July 16 – we missed it …. ]

Nuke Power ISN’T “Green” At All !

16 06 2011


16 06 2011

From Lucas Whitefield Hixon:

Massachusetts Congressman Edward J. Markey Tells NRC “SUSPEND ALL REACTOR LICENSING”

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey released a letter requesting that the NRC suspend all reactor licensing following the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. Edward John Markey, (born July 11, 1946) is the U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th congressional district, serving since 1976. Congressman Markey is well-known for his public pressure that prompted BP to provide a live underwater video feed showing the oil leaking out of a pipe in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. In March 2008, Markey signed the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Act to direct the President to seek to establish an international renewable energy agency to expand the availability and generating capacity of renewable energy to markets around the world in order to increase economic opportunity, drive technological innovation, enhance regional and global security, raise living standards, and reduce global warming pollution.  . . .