Trump says NO to nuclear war

16 11 2022

On Nov. 15th Donald Trump took a vehement stand against the use of nuclear weapons.


Trump’s Nov 15 announcement speech –

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US stocks up on radiation sickness drugs

6 10 2022

Nothing to see here … move along ….

Daily Mail  [UK] –

US stocks up on $300m worth of radiation sickness drugs but claims it has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin’s nuke threats

  • The US Government makes its first purchase of Nplate for ‘nuclear emergencies’
  • The drug treats radiation sickness by stopping life-threatening bleeding
  • Putin’s nuclear warning did not spur the purchase, the Government said

1983 TV movie – THE DAY AFTER PART 1 | PART 2

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SCARY UPDATE! > Senile Joe puts world on the brink of nuclear war then runs and hides under the bed

30 07 2022

Biden tests positive for COVID again — days after initial recovery


Link –

  • MAP showing Taiwan



Maniac Pelosi set to touch down in Taipei, TAIWAN.

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Slouching towards nuclear war/world war

30 06 2022

Idiot-in-Chief makes inflammatory address

He is an hour and 10 minutes late.

The US refused to comply with the Minsk Accords they signed onto.

Russia repeatedly invited the US to new meetings about the accords after the US went out of compliance.

Russia has repeatedly warned the US about funding and arming foreign nations who are attacking Russia and Russian speaking people in Ukraine.

Finland (newly supported by the US) participated in the siege of Stalingrad and is well remembered by Russia.


[Opinion] How long can the world expect Russia to stand by and be attacked by the US without counter-attacking?

US policy . . .






Doomsday Clock Seconds to Midnight ⏳

11 04 2022

Back in January –
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists:
It is 100 seconds to midnight – 2022 Doomsday Clock Statement

“US relations with Russia and China remain tense, with all three countries engaged in an array of nuclear modernization and expansion efforts—including China’s apparent large-scale program to increase its deployment of silo-based long-range nuclear missiles; the push by Russia, China, and the United States to develop hypersonic missiles; and the continued testing of anti-satellite weapons by many nations. If not restrained, these efforts could mark the start of a dangerous new nuclear arms race.

Daily Mail [UK] –
China accelerates work on more than one HUNDRED missile silos that could house nuclear weapons capable of reaching U.S. soil: Leaders see buildup as way to deter America from intervening in conflict over Taiwan

AP – Nearly half of Americans concerned about nuclear war amid Russia-Ukraine invasion

The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell

Nuclear war: No ‘survivors’


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On the Edge of a Nuclear Abyss “…  very, very dangerous now.” – Edward Curtin

17 03 2022

I believe that today we are in the greatest danger of a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, something I vividly remember as a teenager. The same feelings return. Dread. Anxiety. Breathlessness. I do not think these feelings are misplaced nor they are simply an emotional response. I try to continue writing on other projects that I have started but feel stymied. The possibility of nuclear war, whether intentional or accidental, obsesses me.”

MORE: On the Edge of a Nuclear Abyss by Edward Curtin (Mar. 10)


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Whole World Held Hostage to Nuclear War Threat to Protect Hillary’s Russia-Gate Hoax

14 02 2022

The Duran sums up –

#JakeSullivan #HillaryClinton #Durham
Sullivan at centre of Durham probe, as Clinton allies spied on Trump


See the news about the Duran investigation here: