Trouble Brewing at Area 51? Not Aliens . . . Radiation! ☢

20 08 2019

The Daily Mail [UK]

Nevada officials draft emergency declaration plan ahead of Storm Area 51 event – amid fears things will get ‘ugly’ when ‘2 MILLION’ visitors descend on the remote military base

  • More than two million Facebook users say they are attending the ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’ event in Lincoln County, Nevada on September 20
  • Officials predict around 40,000 people could show up

Earlier post, Did you know a half-metric ton of plutonium was secretly moved to storage near Charleston, SC?

. . . has interesting comments about illegal/secret nuclear waste dumping possibly at Area 51 site. And maybe the secrecy isn’t over the AFB doings or alien spacecraft or secret flying weapons but over highly contaminated areas they want the public to stay away from.

See also comment on this post by Trowbridge H. Ford.

Stay tuned. We’ll report more here on the topic. – FC

Did you know a half-metric ton of plutonium was secretly moved to storage near Charleston, SC?

18 08 2019

There’s a fight over who gets the radiated store-it-forever waste between SC and Nevada.

Federal appeals court dismisses Nevada’s SRS plutonium arguments

By way of Beyond Nuclear

Federal court rules DOE can “screw Nevada” with secret weapons-grade plutonium shipments and storage. Resistance needed!
A three judge panel at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has ruled that the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) secret shipment and storage of large amounts of ultra hazardous, weapons-grade plutonium, can stand, despite the targeted state’s strenuous objections. DOE had actually perpetrated a fraud upon the court, pretending throughout the legal proceeding, for many months on end, that it had not yet shipped the plutonium to the Nevada National Security Site (formerly the Nevada Test Site, proving grounds for nuclear weapons test detonations, located on Western Shoshone Indian Nation land against their will, and in violation of treaty rights). However, Nevada’s Attorney General has made clear, there is plenty of fight left in him, to protect Nevadans’ health, safety, and environment. This horrible ruling comes amidst concerted efforts to revive the Yucca Mountain dump scheme in Nevada, targeting Nevada with 70,000 metric tons (or much more) of high-level radioactive waste and irradiated nuclear fuel from both DOE and the commercial atomic reactors. In this sense, this court ruling is an echo of the 1987 “Screw Nevada bill,” singling out a scientifically unsuitable, non-consent based site for highly radioactive waste permanent geologic disposal. However, united bipartisan Nevada elected officials (governors, attorneys general, state legislators, the U.S. congressional delegation), Western Shoshone, and more than a thousand environmental and environmental justice groups across the country, have held off the Yucca dump for 32 years, and counting. Please join the resistance. Contact your U.S. Representative, and both your U.S. Senators. Urge them to vote against any authorization or appropriations (funding) bills that would advance the Yucca dump. You can be patched through to your U.S. Congress Members’ D.C. offices via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard, at (202) 224-3121. And since it’s still August recess, you can get together with friends, family, colleagues, etc., to request a face to face meeting with one or more of your Members of Congress, on this issue, while they are back home. Learn more about this story at this link. Keep updated about the Yucca Mountain issue by visiting our website section devoted to it. (Right at press time, we have learned from Karen Hadden at SEED Coalition in Texas, that the second weapons-grade plutonium shipment from South Carolina may well have gone to Texas, and is now in storage at the Pantex nuclear weapons assembly/disassembly facility.

Meanwhile, at WIPP . . .

14 07 2016

Strontium Milks –
WIPP Updates Fracking While Plutonium On Way Undetermined How Many Barrels Blew Up


Misleading words like “harmless’ used to deceive us on nuclear wastes

6 05 2016

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see Misleading words like “harmless’ used to deceive us on nuclear wastes

Nuke Waste Plant in S. Georgia Blows Up

15 08 2013


(news sources are in the You Tube page)

Google Blocks Dangerous Louisiana Sinkhole News

14 08 2012

The huge sinkhole threatens a giant cavern filled with butane and others with rad waste.

According to Google News no story has been written on it since this August 12th item-

Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in Bayou Corne possible

Louisiana State of Emergency: Oil and gas sinkhole disaster area risks and rights violations escalating

There are lots of big stories coming out of the local tv news and newspapers. Google “News” is just censoring them.  And when you search the term “sinkhole” without specifics it turns up a bunch of non-Louisiana stories.

Just an H-bomb. Nothin’ to look at here, folks. Move along. – F.C.

See also Helen Caldicott and Kate Orff Talk About Nexus of Harm From Petrochemical America,

our earlier post with news on the sinkhole

Spent Fuel Pools at Ft. Calhoun as Risky as Fukushima’s

29 08 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Spent Fuel Pools and Fukushima Have A lot In Common

[snip] . . .  Robert Alvarez, a nuclear policy specialist since 1975, reports that spent nuclear fuel in the United States comprises the largest concentration of radioactivity on the planet: 71000 metric tons. Worse, since the Yucca Mountain waste repository has been scrapped due to its proximity to active faults (see last image), the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has allowed reactor operators to store 4 times far more waste in the spent fuel pools than they’re designed to manage  . . . . (more + VIDEO) 


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