New Fukushima Photos Up

16 09 2012

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Is Zaporizhia Nuke Plant in Ukraine on ALERT???

15 01 2012

Got this on Reality Check

Ukraine Plant Comes Under Scrutiny

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine is coming under scrutiny after some conflicting stories have come out about the plants condition. One report says all reactors in Ukraine are on alert conditions, another claims Zaporizhia shut down after a problem but that no radiation was leaking out. . . .  (more)

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Engineer dismantles facade of Japan’s nuclear industry

4 08 2011

By Koide Hiroaki


Koide Hiroaki began his career as a nuclear engineer 40 years ago, drawn to the promise of nuclear power. Quickly, however, he recognized the flaws in Japan’s nuclear power program and emerged as among the best informed of Japan’s nuclear power critic. His cogent public critique of the nuclear village earned him an honorable form of purgatory as a permanent assistant professor at Kyoto University. Koide would pay a price in career terms, continuing his painstaking research on radio nuclide measurement at Kyoto University’s Research Reactor Institute (KURRI) in the shadows. Until March this year.

Since the earthquake tsunami and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi, he has emerged as a powerful voice and a central figure in charting Japan’s future energy course in the wake of disaster: in scores of well-attended public lectures, in daily media consultations and interviews, in his widely read posts and in three books that have helped to redefine public consciousness and official debate. . . (more)

” . . . .  The government spent more than 10 billion yen in the last 25 years to develop the radiation dispersion simulation system called SPEEDI (the System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information), but they hid the simulation results from the public and did not let local residents know the risks.    . . .  “

Breaking: Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in Emergency Shut down

16 07 2011

Emergency after emergency in the nuke news these days ….

From the NY Times

Japan Operator Shutting Down Nuclear Reactor After Malfunction

TOKYO — Japan’s second-largest nuclear operator said Saturday that it was manually shutting down a reactor in central Japan after a technical malfunction.

 No radiation had leaked from the No. 1 Reactor at the Oi Nuclear Power Plant, on the Japan Sea coast, about 250 miles west of Tokyo, said Yoshihiko Kondo, a spokesman for the plant’s operator, Kansai Electric Power.

Mr. Kondo said that a loss of pressure had been detected late Friday in an accumulator tank needed to cool the reactor core in an emergency, forcing the utility to shut down the reactor. Workers will begin the shutdown at 1 p.m. Saturday in Japan, and shutdown will be complete by 9 p.m., he said. . .  (more)

RED CROSS CLOSES SHELTER AT FT. CALHOUN (near distressed nuke plant) !!!

20 06 2011

not explained ….

story is here ––Missouri-River-Flooding-Shelters/ 



CODE RED – More Than 60 Buses on Standby to Haul People…Where. 

2/3s of hot nuclear fuel remains in reactor core at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant + MORE

17 06 2011

From E-News:

Two-thirds of hot nuclear fuel remains in reactor core at Calhoun plant even though media claims it was ‘shut down’ for refueling and maintenance

Virtually every article about the flooding mentions that the Fort Calhoun plant was shut down on April 9. On May 27, the Omaha World-Herald reported, “The Omaha Public Power District said its nuclear plant at Fort Calhoun, which is shut down for maintenance, is safe from flooding.” The implication is that being shut down makes a plant safe. But as the ongoing crisis in Fukushima demonstrates, nuclear fuel remains hot long after a reactor is shut down. . . . 

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant: How Bad Can It Get?

Radiation, at minimum in the form of tritium, and more likely other particles and radionuclides, are leaking into the Missouri River from the Fort Calhoun nuclear generation plant in Nebraska.
I do not have proof. What I do have is the knowledge that every reactor is susceptible to small leaks at any time. Typically they are undiscovered and thus unreported – they are a few drops here and a few drops there from an improper weld or a stressed fitting – maybe the last one of the day before pau-hana time. And he intended to check it later, but never did. . . . .

Second Nebraska Nuclear Plant Threatened By Flooding

17 06 2011

A second nuclear power plant in Nebraska is being threatened by rising floodwaters, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a federal watchdog agency, says the plant’s owners are taking the appropriate steps to ward off danger, according to a report in the Omaha World-Herald.

The Cooper Power Station would have to go into cold shutdown should floodwaters rise an additional six feet, a prospect local officials say is highly unlikely. [umm-humm!]

The Cooper plant is located 70 miles south of Omaha. . . .  ( more)