Nuke-Pro Sounds Alarm Over Hawaii Volcano Quake Activity

30 01 2019

USGS “Hiding” Earthquake Hits at Moana Loa, Largest Volcano in World, And Primed to Erupt

“Unfreaking Believable, I have seen this 4 times now in 2 months, and NEVER before that. They Disappeared a Caldera Hit EQ!!!!!!!

First review the “hiding”, then below, my warning for a Big Quake and I am specifically calling for California / Cascadia OR Kamchatka West. 7.2 minimal up to 8.5 (these are purely guesses based on gut, not based on Dutchsinse type “EQ Math”

Yesterday, I published a massively important finding that Magma nucleation or activation is directly influenced by “Quiet Sun” using Moana Loa records back to the early 1800’s. This will potentially change the entire field of Earth Sciences””

Most of Mount St. Helens items are on the Yellowstone blog, but some recent posts are here on the FC blog. In the future we will put items on it at the Yellowstone blog… FC

7.9M Quake Off Indonesia – No Tsunami – Buoys Absent?

2 03 2016

M7.9 – Southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia

The Times of IndiaIndonesia issued a tsunami warning for West Sumatra, North Sumatra and Aceh after the powerful and shallow earthquake, the National Meteorolgical Agency said.”  It looks like NOAA’s tsunami warning info is just for continental USA and Hawai’i and Alaska, not for anybody else.

Nuke Pro just wrote – Earthquake Alert — “The Big One With Tsunami” Entire West Coast USA

Indonesia Tsunami Buoys Stolen or Broken, (!!!) Disaster Agency Says


Luckily there’s no tsumani – since there’s a big fat nuke plant on India’s SE coast right across the way!

India nuke plants map –

The one at the bottom of the map:

Kalepakkam Nuclear Reactor –

The Madras Atomic Power Station [MAPS] in Kalpakkam, near Chennai (Tamil Nadu), is a comprehensive nuclear power production, fuel reprocessing, and waste treatment facility that includes plutonium fuel fabrication for Fast Breeder Reactors [FBRs]. Two pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs) at Kalpakkam started commercial operation in 1984 and 1986. They were designed, built and operated with indigenous expertise, establishing Indian capabilities in design, construction, and operation of nuclear power plants. Construction of the Waste Immobilization Plant (WIP) in Kalpakkam started in 1983 with commissioning in 1993. An Interim Storage Facility [ISF] is also located in Kalpakkam.

. . . sounds like a sound plan to kill everybody in SE Asia – FC