Genetic Manipulation to Control Behavior at Warp-speed – Spàrtàcus

27 07 2022

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Spartacast 03
Revealing COVID-19’s Origins


“It has been very difficult for me to raise awareness on this issue, because cognitive warfare is such an evil and outlandish concept on the very face of it, most people don’t even want to think it exists.”







Why U of Calif. Took Over the US Nuke Weapons Program and Why US Military is Illegally Installed in Domestic Police Ops – Leuren Moret

18 07 2014

This makes total sense – Recall how the military suddenly appeared to take over New Orleans after Katrina and put people into the concentration camp (sans toilets) in the Super Dome…


G00GLE is Even WORSE Than You Think!

15 04 2014


Leuren Moret’s website

And more (from Truth Out) – Global Power Project, Part 2: Identifying the Institutions of Control

… from JKM Hoffman




Is Pollution on Purpose? Not Greed or Accident?

12 04 2014

Leuren Moret says it is.


She explains HAARP at 1:14 mark …

Dutchsinse on SERCO

27 01 2014


SERCO’s web

Total Collapse of Communications at Buenos Aires Airport

8 05 2011

Ding Dong!?!?

What’s this? Is Buenos Aires getting too big for it’s britches??  We have no idea —

Sabotage? Investigating the collapse of communications in Buenos Aires Airport 

Investigate the reasons for the failures that caused delays and more than 120 flights suspended for the day yesterday at Ezeiza airport and San Fernando. The federal judge in Lomas de Zamora, Alberto Santamarina, a case was to investigate the “surprising” and “suspicious” air paralysis.

The main leaders of the six unions yesterday aeronautical considered “suspicious” widespread failure of communications systems, which paralyzed for seven hours and aerial activity related to the performance of “sectors that are sabotaging” flag airlines to “foster privatizing climate. ”

The union said the damage was recorded three days after a meeting they had with the Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli, who argued that a group of ten original air traffic controllers “military” and that he works “under the orbit Ministry, has “made clear his intentions to sabotage the functioning of state enterprises.” In this regard, the union leaders indicated that the driver indicated to the minister Puricelli “receive their salaries from the Air Force, as highlighted with military status.” . . .  (more)

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Patriot Act news from Stonefruit

5 01 2010

More on that Patriot Act extension …..

     … and an underwear bomber appears in coach just in time to scare everybody!