Hillary Clinton Stirring Up Trouble for Ireland, Making Threats

10 04 2018

The Daily Mail [UK]

Ireland becomes Brexit battleground:
Good Friday Agreement could crumble over border hostilities warns Hillary Clinton as David Davis accuses Dublin of bowing to Sinn Fein pressure to adopt hard stance in negotiations

  • Former US secretary of state said a hard border would be an ‘enormous setback’
  • She said ‘we cannot allow Brexit to undermine the peace’ that people fought for
  • Comes as David Davis said border question being made more difficult by Ireland
  • He said that the government of Leo Varadkar was being influenced by Sinn Fein

Hillary Clinton has warned that the hand of history will be ‘heavy and unforgiving’ if Brexit is allowed to ‘undermine’ the Good Friday Agreement.

The former US secretary of state – whose husband Bill helped create the 1998 peace deal, which was signed 20 years ago today – said that reinstating a hard border would be an ‘enormous setback’ that could lead to a return to the ‘bad old days’.

Britain and the EU are yet to find a solution to the question of whether there will be a hard border between the UK and Ireland after Brexit.

Progress is due by the summer and failure strike an agreement acceptable to Dublin could scupper hopes of any deal at the crucial October summit. . . . (more)


undermine the peace that people fought for???
How about MI5 secret agents masquerading as IRA and creating all sorts of terror across the 9 counties?

And how about The English practicing a slow genocide against the Irish since Queen Elizabeth as recounted by Dublinmick?

And how about re-writing history to obliterate Irish influence?

She just cannot stop meddling in foreign elections! She isn’t an office holder anymore. Someone tell her.
And another thing … where’s Bill? He was the one who brokered the deal. Is he too sick or incompetent to appear in public?