Oil Inc. back in charge ?

25 07 2009

Sadly it is looking more and more like the Obama administration is taking orders from Oil Inc.

The Flying Cuttlefish had a sneaking suspicion of it when the alternative energy program promised during the campaign seemed to be shunted off to a railroad spur in outer Nebraska.

from: http://cryptome.org/0001/usa-disasters10.htm

While the leading members of Obama’s oil administration, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are well known, its lesser possible figures – Admiral Dennis Blair, Charles Freeman, Leon Panetta, Greg Craig, General Bruce Carlson, General Jim Jones, Peter Lavoy, Christopher Kojm, John Brennan, etc., and, most important, continuing Pentagon chief Robert Gates – are known far too little, especially what their new mission is. They are to keep the American public on board while it achieves what was sidetracked by the cockup over thshores to Pakistan’s Indian Ocean coast – what requires the defeat of its Talebane 9/11 bombings – the pacification of Afghanistan so that a pipeline can be constructed through it, connecting Caspian oil on its eastern . If achieved, it would be a great blow to China’s search for oil self-sufficiency, threatening even the loss of its oil-rich Xinjiang province, and making Iran’s oil holdings much less important in global affairs.