Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir

19 02 2017

From Dr. Leuren Moret

PART 2 of Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California

We are looking at this video today –

LINK – http://youtu.be/kla-RADG26Q



NOAA: “The Shasta: Sacramento Valley Observed Precipitation Map


Downstream at Oroville (the town), the same storm dumped 0.14″, but at the Oroville dam itself only 0.08″ so there is definitely artificial loading of the watershed to flood the reservoir.  Weather modification artificially moved the storm over the lake, with a knife edge perimeter across the north end of the lake and heavy cloud loading over the watershed N. of the lake, for maximum rainfall and snow melt flooding the reservoir to overflow.

The rainfall over the watershed north of the reservoir is more than DOUBLE the rainfall anywhere else on that map, and it is 22.25 times higher than at the dam on the south end of the lake.  That proves weather modification can be extremely granular and “cookie cutter” precisely shaped geometrically to the target area.

I have seen this across Eurasia with Russia and China putting high pressure areas over their countries to protect their cities from radioactive contaminated Fukushima air masses moving across Eurasia.  I have also seen the entire former Hapsburg Empire from Portugal through Europe, Austria, and Italy also protected – with “cookie cutter” precision at the borders – with a high pressure area over the Hapsburg regions, keeping denser colder air loaded with Fukushima radiation out of the protected regions.

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Monday the big rainfall is expected . . . hours from now.

Flood fears renewed as another storm aims for California

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Residents returning to homes damaged by flooding should be prepared to evacuate again as yet another powerful Pacific storm takes aim at Northern California, officials warned Sunday. . . . (more)

Due to traffic jams and mudslides blocking routes, The Flying Cuttlefish recommends leaving NOW.

By the time they order an evacuation the roads will be too busy.





At 11 AM Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017, the accumulated rain for 24 hours, was 0.05 in. at the town of Oroville, and 0.04 in. at the Oroville dam.  North of the lake, near the shoreline in the Oroville primary watershed, the reading at Brush Creek was 0.94 in., upslope and further to the north at Four Trees it was 1.50 in., and at Bucks Creek just beyond the crest, and in a neighboring watershed, the reading was 0.69 in.

The precipitation at Brush Creek on the shore of the lake was 23.5 times higher than at the dam, 40 times higher at Four Trees, and 14.3 times higher at Bucks Creek.  Since the dam and Brush Creek are at the same altitude, the increase in precipitation by 23.5 times, and 40 times upslope at Four Trees indicates the clouds were loaded over the Oroville watershed.  Bucks Creek was only 14.3 times higher than at the dam – yet at a similar altitude as the Oroville crest, but in a neighboring watershed – it demonstrated a 70% reduction in precipitation.  Again the large multiplication factor in the distribution of precipitation indicates targeted weather engineering of the primary Oroville watershed in order to increase runoff into the lake by many times.

It is very clear from the data on the two rainfall maps posted today, that weather modification now involves very serious and precise routing of the clouds and their discharge. 



Major Reservoir Current Conditions Graphs – CDEC – State of California



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Orovilles Dam’s Dirty Secret – The Operators of the Dam are Also the Inspectors of the Dam

15 02 2017


LINK –  http://youtu.be/2XcqqfHtarE

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “The water is definitely not down 50′ like the media reported, probably not even 2′.  This is interesting – the dam is run by and inspected by the same agency. 

The Feds have just ordered them to have a complete analysis of the dam before and after this disaster – by completely independent experts.  This definitely never should have happened.  The naked berm for the emergency spill is just insane and that was apparent in 2005.


7 Day Water-Elevation-at-Oroville-Dam CHART – you can customize this chart


Look at visual evidence, photos and film for the water level – like this fellow says:

LINK –  https://youtu.be/SfwZUbKjgy0

CNBC – Cracks may offer clues to California dam’s troubles

“Last August, a team of inspectors did not check the channel on foot but instead from afar, also concluding that everything looked fine.”

Alt. Link –  http://archive.is/49ihZ#selection-2097.0-2097.51

If the dam breaks “the wall of water will reach Sacramento in half an hour” (!!)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/lLHFMLatmds