After Quake Oroville Dam News

6 07 2019

California Map

Also Oroville Dam Watch Group got some answers back from DWR people about various topics. Text is here [in PDF].
DWR says the cameras being down is the fault of the state parks people, not them.

This CA hydroelectric info site has no data after  2018 – we were trying to find out if they put a new turbine in the Hyatt power plant.


Reminding Oroville dam operators of the California Records Law

29 06 2019

Are busy bees at Oroville dam preparing for high water from melting snow or are they doing CYA work for when it all  hits the fan?

California Government Ethics Laws

. . . “Failure to retain public Records and/or failure to allow public access to public records”

Transparency in government requires that the people have access to materials created by government officials when conducting the people’s business. Public records include written documents, images, computer data, e-mails, facsimiles, and photographs.
Duty of transparency, duty of accountability
The Public Record Act:

  • Cal. Gov. Code §§6250-70;
  • Cal Gov. Code §§34090-34090.8

In enacting this chapter, the Legislature, mindful of the right of individuals to privacy, finds and declares that access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state.
(Amended by Stats. 1970, Ch. 575.)

So, DWR, what’s this about the Iron Mountain (documents destruction experts) truck shown on the webcam?

This good CA_Public_Records_Act gets into laws about “Destruction of Records“.

RE: This Public Records Act provision DWR is hiding behind, “Security Assessments” (post 9-11) we don’t think covers any repair records dealing with the spillway. With shoddy work done out of compliance with FERC regulations who needs terrurists?


Misc. – We found Kiewit’s BID on the spillway re-do.


Oroville Dam – Water Level Nears 4 ft.-from-Top Mark . . . UPDATED

26 06 2019

The water level is 895.97

Meanwhile . . .  back to re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic –


Stay tuned . . . 

Now that we’re all chatting about the high water in the live streaming videos the water suddenly starts to reverse …. AND the INFLOW flipped minus 8,000 CFS (!!) on bizarre data chart overnight!

Oroville dam cam watchers think the live feed isn’t live and a local reports water is just 2 FEET FROM THE TOP! Plus Lake Almanor RISING!

19 06 2019

REPORT: “back of spillway had 2 ft. left till it tops”

We are watching the “live” cam feed posted by DWC LIVE STREAM (since June 2nd).

In the comments Tuesday night, Heather Davis reports she drove by the reservoir at 1:30 p.m. and saw for herself the water was way higher than DWR reports. DWC LIVE STREAM watchers were voicing doubts the live cams are even live. The comments were from eye-witnesses, not far away cam watchers.


The data is back online. The water is rising daily.

We watch this lake as it is very full and when they are forced to release water due to snowmelt it will have a big impact on Oroville dam.

Capacity: 1,308,000 af

Earlier post: What are they hiding about Lake Almanor water level?


DWR Shut Down Oroville Dam Live Cams because of Susan Wolding’s May 26 Video + WATER LEVEL RISE

18 06 2019

Sheriff’s Dept. swamped with calls by cam watchers and people who saw the May 26 video so they turned off the cameras.


The cameras work sometimes only for a minute or so –


Oroville Dam Watchers handled by DWR with tricks

15 06 2019

We don’t let live cams turned off this weekend deter us from watching the dam.

This small channel deserves lots of eyes –




Maybe this is the reason why:

Sent in –
Looking at the end of the Main Spillway after Energy Dissipators you can see breaks in the concrete where the water is falling through. What is the quality of the concrete a little farther in towards the Energy Dissipators?



[SUNDAY] We managed to get a view from the lower spillway for a minute.  Looks like NO work being done today. And the “dry” side is hardly dry with great streams of water coursing down.


Evacuate Oroville! Sierra Snowpocalypse Threatens Sacramento Valley and can wreck S.F. Bay area Water Supply

12 06 2019

“A wet winter bringing large amounts of snow and unseasonably low spring temperatures to the Sierra combined to keep the snowpack lingering, so much so Nevada Irrigation District hydrographers were able to conduct surveys at English Mountain and Webber Peak on June 1, according to a release.
However, the National Weather Service says don’t expect it to be around for long, thanks to rising temperatures.

High temperatures increase Sierra snowmelt, raises flooding concerns near Kings River

(May 31) Sierra snowpack is 202 percent of average for this time of year

Sierra Snowpack Measuring Over At 200 Percent Of Average

Weather Channel – June Snow Blankets the Rockies, Cascades as Massive Snowpack Remains in Colorado, California’s Sierra
“Snowpack in California’s Sierra also remains remarkable for early June.

According to NOAA’s California Nevada River Forecast Center, the water content of the Sierra snowpack ranges from two to over four times the early June average.”



From DWR Snow Course Measurements page –




And previous weather report comment with vids

This June 10th article is how modern the snow monitoring equipment is – Snow monitoring at the Sierra Nevada peaks offer the first medium-term data sets