Fukushima Goes Wild Saturday Night

31 08 2014

Arcing fission laser light show –


LINK –  http://youtu.be/KsZdSnaDHYA

Out of Control Meltdown at Fukushima Ready to Blow says Top Scientist

7 11 2011

From Radioactive Chat

Fukushima Mini-Nuclear Bomb German Radiation Expert Warns After Uncontrolled Nuclear Fssion

Given the reports of an uncontrolled nuclear fission reactor accident in Japan’s Fukushima Munich radiation expertProfessor Edmund Lengfelder warns of the possibility of a nuclear explosion . . .

. . .  Eight months after the meltdown in Fukushima the isotopes 133 and 135 of the gas xenon has been found, said Lengfelder.

Since these isotopes are products of nuclear fission and only have a half life of about five days and nine hours, they could not come from the time of the accident in March. “There is a spontaneous fission – because of this anything can happen, even if one says, it is not likely . . . (more)