Pilgrim Nuke Plant Shut Down in Stormy Weather

7 03 2018

They are southeast from Boston [MAP].

They have a plumbing leak –

“a possible leak in the system that provides it with hot water.” – REPORT.

But since they don’t even know if it’s a leak stopping the water or other malfunction this explanation goes into the dubious category.

And, yeah, with paralyzing storms striking the U.S. Northeast and the UK and North Europe . . . how can a mass evacuation of any affected city be accomplished should a “mishap” occur at any of the aged nuke plants nearby??? 

Cities have airports shut down and high winds are suspending rail service. Roads are impassible because of snow and downed trees. 

Here’s what these thugs have to say to the public about their shut-down –

“When Pilgrim returns to service is considered business sensitive information and we do not share that information publicly. ”  – via Face Book.


They aren’t even supposed to be operating anymore. 2015 Boston Globe story

PLYMOUTH — Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, which has supplied power to more than a half-million homes and businesses for four decades but has also been a deep source of angst in the region, will close no later than June 2019, its operators said Tuesday.

The announcement, coming a month after the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s decision to designate Pilgrim one of the nation’s three least-safe reactors.

2017 Biz Journal story: “The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, located on Cape Cod bay in Plymouth, became a point of controversy recently after an internal memo from the plant leaked that expressed concerns about maintenance issues and an “overwhelmed” staff.”

US East Coast Nuclear Bomb Cyclone? Pilgrim & Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Scrams-Power Reduction-Loss of Cooling Water Point To The Risks

7 01 2018

disaster waiting in the wings …


Mining Awareness +

Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. So much for the “baseload power” lies. Why are the nuclear utilities courting nuclear disaster during blizzard – extreme cold conditions? Price Anderson limits their liability is why: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/price-anderson-act-billions-in-bailout-for-nuclear-disasters/

GOES-16 ABI image of the Early January 2018 Nor’easter maturing off the east coast of the United States. Date 4 January 2018, NOAA: https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov
Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. Worse, they require energy input for cooling, so as not to meltdown. Even though they can’t be turned off, they are supposed to be powered down during extreme weather, but were apparently not for the recent blizzard with hurricane force winds. Pilgrim nuclear power station near Boston had a forced shutdown due to loss of power, and Oyster Creek near Philadelphia reduced its power due to low water levels in…

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MA Nuke Plant Socked by Blizzard, CLOSES – updates

9 02 2013

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant Goes Offline Due to Nemo Blizzard

Somewhere around 9:15pm EST the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant located in Plymouth, Massachusetts went offline by shutting down automatically. The power down of the Nuclear Power Plant was due to loss of off-site power from the force of the Nemo Blizzard slamming into the East Coast. It was at this time the backup emergency diesel generators took over to keep the nuclear reactor cooled. . . . (more)


ENE-News – Nuclear plant shuts down after own in-house system lost power due to blizzard — NRC says it was from losing off-site power

and they had this –

have you ever heard of nuclear power plant snow? Well it happened recently in western Pennsylvania. The Doppler radar from the nearby National Weather Service Office in Pittsburgh captured the scene.

UPDATE, Feb. 11

Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts loses power, again — Second time in two days