Rothschild’s Economist Magazine Features #PizzaGate in Graphic for 2017 “Predictions”.

15 01 2017

Here is the graphic –

“The World in 2017”
. . . . . .       (you can mouse-over the website art to enlarge it)




Dr. Leuren Moret says, “There are real faces and people in the symbolism that you can see if enlarged.  “Death” symbolizes the Rothschild’s favorite poison for global genocide, and “The Star” with a comet in the center of the children’s faces on each star is none other than “pizzagate”.

A site with good information on pizzagate is look for the pizzagate threads full of very good information.
It’s a high quality citizen research blog.”

#PizzaGate Thinking About Tunnels – NEW INFORMATION

10 01 2017

There is important update information about what’s underground in Washington D.C. and alleged child trafficking hub, Comet Ping Pong. Our earlier post, #PizzaGate – Thinking about tunnels, has the background on the pizza parlor layout and tunnels there.
Now there  are these 2 important updates – – –

♦  Tunnel under CPP confirmed by old map – the whole neighborhood was once swamp land and is full of these drainage tunnels

spiderWeb THE OLD MAP

♦  Game Over: Alefantis’ Properties (CP, Transformer and Pegasus Museums) Perfectly Align with Newly Discovered Tunnels!


Q: What did the US get for (missing) 7 trillion dollars? A: Pizza (gate)

19 12 2016

Ron Johnson

” … we could have bought a whole bunch of different stuff with the like 7 trillion dollars… instead we got spirit cookers molesting little children tellin’ US we’re the fake news … “


Here Comes the Sun – False Flag At Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant Predicted By Alt Media


Hillary Clinton was spotted looking glum as she arrived at New York's Plaza Hotel to host her holiday party on Thursday for the deep-pocketed donors who helped fund her campaign

Hillary Clinton was spotted looking glum as she arrived at New York’s Plaza Hotel to host her holiday party on Thursday for the deep-pocketed donors who helped fund her campaign




Thoughts on Recent Antarctica Mystery Trips, Climate and Land Grab There

13 12 2016

Dec. 6 news item:
70-Mile-Long Crack Opens Up in Antarctica

In reply to this news, Dr. Leuren Moret sent 2 papers about climate topics that are important reading to understand the high interest by big nations in claiming turf there.
RoyalHandsThe first paper has a good history of climate science and the steering of the science by entities like The Royal Society.

2009 – Global Climate Change: The Arctic By Leuren Moret

The second paper is all about HAARP and how it was developed by the US Navy and Air Force, Department of Energy, University of California (UCB/UCLA/UCD), University of Alaska, University of Massachusetts, MIT, Stanford University, Clemson University, University of Tulsa, University of Maryland, Cornell University, SRI International, and Geospace, Inc.

2011 – H.A.A.R.P.: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

In response to the 70 mile long gash story above she says, “Don’t worry this is completely normal at the poles. The Arctic is an ocean, with ice calving off at the Pacific end of it where it falls from the rim of Russia into the Arctic sea and floats like ice cubes slowly moving east towards the opening into the Atlantic. The north pole can be covered with ice and a few hours later the wind has blown the ice away. My climate change article explains that.

The Arctic and the Antarctic are very very dynamic, especially the Arctic because it is open sea and no continent there at all. But the Antarctic is two continents welded together right down the middle. Both have had warm periods when methane crystals formed from bacterial methane burps accumulated in the atmosphere and migrated to the poles covering the poles like a warm blanket. There are alligator and primate and salamander fossils in the Arctic, that’s how warm it was. The Antarctic was covered with evergreen forest, the fossils are there to show it.

The govt. agencies and the military are promoting climate change and warming, and use things like this normal phenomenon to prove it. They cherry pick a small area where ice is melting to prove climate change is real, while the planet is in a deep glacial period now and the accumulating ice is much more common indicating that we are in a glacial. Nature has cycles within cycles within cycles within cycles that overlie each other and people rarely understand that – and those layers of cycles cause fluctuations that are temporary, and the short fluctuations are what the phony fraud promoting scientists are politicizing to promote primarily nuclear power which is a major part of the global genocide. They are so evil. Queen E II is the biggest owner of uranium mines and deposits because she owns all the minerals in the Commonwealth. She has personally invested over $17 trillion in DU holdings.”

The part about the Queen is why the first science paper is such a good read as you can see the part played by the international science gatekeepers, The Royal Society, in all this current talk about the warmer climate.

She also said, Antarctica has a LOT of mind control bases – UK (7), US?, Japan (3), RU (5), Norway?, NZ, Argentina, Tasmania? etc. etc. A country has to have a geologic relationship to Antarctica to have mineral rights.

Also it is now being divided up as one gigantic mineral pie, and it is literally divided into pie shaped pieces. Norway has the biggest chunk because a Norwegian explorer was the first to claim and explore it. QEII has taken back the southern NZ island for herself, to use as the closest jumping off place for trips/expeditions to Antarctica. There are permanently manned bases there. No one really knows what is going on there completely – each country there has their own secrets. Mostly military and science people.”

Now after digesting that science topic we get to Weirdville.

So astronaut, Buzz Aldrin goes there and doesn’t do so well –
Buzz Aldrin hospitalized after trip to Antarctica
But maybe he had a better reason to flee –
Buzz Aldrin Warns “We Are All In Danger It Is Evil Itself”


And Secretary of State, John Kerry left in a hurry too.

WHAT!! JOHN KERRY at SOUTH POLE on ELECTION DAY ! Something Is Not Right About This


HOLD ON!! Secretary Of State Visits Alien UFO BASE Antarctic Pyramid!? Secret Agenda! 11/11/2016



. . .we have the following increasingly strange and bizarre list of people that have either visited, or have been connected to, Antarctica:

1) Rudolf Hess (sponsor of 1938-39 Nazi Expedition);

2) Herman Goering(sponsor of 1938-39 Nazi Expedition);

3) Admiral Richard Byrd, visitor, leader of Operation High Jump, 1947, who makes strange remarks for El Mercurio of Santiago de Chile about the USA preparing to defend against “enemy fighters that can fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed”;

4) Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Kiril III (visitor), to bless an Orthodox chapel;

5) US Secretary of State John Kerry, visitor, to learn about “climate change” (so we’re told);

6) Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Moon astronaut, visitor, who tweets about getting ready to “go to the launchpad”, who then has to be evacuated and quarantined;

7) Prince Harry of Great Britain, visitor on a “charity” junket to highlight wounded soldiers and difficult career transitions;

8) King Juan Carlos of Spain, visitor, who wants to fulfill a “lifelong ambition” to see beautiful, scenic Antarctica.


And what’s Weirdsville without a little #pizzagate?

spiderWebCHERRYGATE: Is This Really Why New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key Just Resigned? <<< WARNING: x-rated images … NOT work-safe!

F.B.I. Anon: To Bring Down CF Would Bring Down Whole U.S. Government

13 12 2016

We’re late in finding this important FBIanon transcript on Hillary Clinton crimes . . . .
from –

Download Video as MP4







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Blood thieves and longevity

8 12 2016

spiderWebSeems topical now . . .



Were Ancient Artifacts Stolen in Iraq War for Occult Purposes?

5 12 2016

Looks like YES!

redskullWe put the question to readers who are following #pizzagate.

Was theft of antique objects d’art from Iraq for occultists in D.C.?


“They absolutely were taken for occult purposes. Those “genie” jars (demons sealed into them) were said to go back to Solomon directly. They invaded the museums and secured those artifacts before even securing the oil fields. Shows the importance.”