Did the Intercept Force Glenn Greenwald Out to Keep Him from Covering the Vote-Count-Crimes?

6 11 2020

Just Askin’ . . . .

Weeks before election day big tech starts an internet purge of Q anon discussion forums, blogs, twitter and facebook accounts. The same happens for large indy media conservative platforms and Trump supporters.

 Oct. 29 Glenn Greenwald resigns from the outlet he founded because of gross censorship of his report on Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s graft grabbing.

 Days before election day MSM and the largest internet platforms refuse to cover the biggest news in the United Sates, that candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden collected graft from the CCP and from crooks in Ukraine.

 It gets revealed the Biden campaign is boosted by India with faked followers on social media.

 Nov. 3rd, election day – MSM and the largest internet platforms not only continue censoring the sizzling hot laptop story – they ignore Joe Biden’s late campaigning flubs and the no-show audiences.

 Vote counting is suspended before Trump supporting states can tally votes. Election in limbo and MSM acts like it is normal. Foreign press in an uproar.  Trump complains on live tv and is cut off. Daily Mail scrubs the report on his being cut off by television networks.

Glenn Grennwald wasn’t even reporting on Joe Biden’s murder of John Wheeler.




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Know Thy Enemy: Academia Confronts “Disinfo” on Covid, Pizzagate, etc.

15 10 2020

Boo-Hoo!  MSM has to try any “correct” all this “disinfo” going around. 

LINK –  https://youtu.be/r9vU8xQf2QM





This Vie Russ Story is Getting Ridiculous

18 07 2020

Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Wreck Labeled As COVID-19 Death By State

” . . . a man who suffered a fatal motorcycle accident in Florida last week was added to the state’s Covid-19 death count. “



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