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13 09 2019

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Tracking Hurricane Florence – What to do if a dirty-bomb aka Nuke Plant explodes near you

17 09 2018

Helpful advice from the NRC

If one explodes near you, take the following steps:

  • Move at least several blocks from the explosion and get indoors. This will reduce exposure to any airborne radioactive dust.
  • Check local radio or television stations for advisories from emergency response and health authorities.
    Remove your clothes and place them in a sealed plastic bag. Your contaminated clothing can be tested for radiation contamination.
  • Take a shower to wash off dust and dirt. This will reduce total radiation exposure, if the explosive device contained radioactive material.
  • If radioactive material was released, local news broadcasts will advise you where to report for radiation monitoring and tests to determine whether you were exposed and what steps to take to protect your health.

On #2 – all day long on 9-11 emergency response and health authorities gave no alerts of instructions. The Emergency Alert System was silent and the EPA allowed firemen and volunteers to inhale deadly toxic air at the rescue scene in NYC which quickly killed more firemen than the ones who died that day.

On #3 they leave out the part nuke scientists get for lab accidents – in taking that shower be sure to wash open eyes and inside the mouth and do not use soap. Use water. Get in the as shower fast as possible. Clothing is toxic waste – handle it with tongs.

Better shower info  from WikiHow – How to Respond to a Radiation Threat

  • Avoid taking off any clothes over your head. If you have no choice, then hold your mouth shut and do not breathe so that you don’t inhale dust from your clothes. If you have to cut them, do so for the sake of your health. And any wounds or cuts on your body should be covered before removing clothes, to prevent the potential for dust to enter them.

ABC News – Radiation Exposure: 5 Things You Need To Know – video

” During a radiation emergency, such as fears of a nuclear plant explosion, you may be advised to create a “shelter in place.” This means you should stay inside your home or office, or perhaps another confined area indoors. To keep your shelter in place effective, you should: close and lock all doors and windows; turn off fans, air conditioners, or any units that bring in air from outside; move to an inner room or basement; keep your radio tuned to the emergency response network or local news to find out what else you need to do.”

Natural NewsRemedies for radiation exposure: 7 natural treatments to have on hand in case of a nuclear attack

More on radiation exposure first aid –

CDC – FAQ about Radiation Emergencies
#1: Get inside! Do not be exposed to the contaminated air!

Duke has this emergency plan – they say to ignore sirens, they are just for firemen etc. – but I would be tyin’ my shoes if I heard one!

Escape Route Map from page 38:


The NRC doesn’t give info on it’s blog anymore and doesn’t feel compelled to give out any plant specific info on the many nuke plants affected by Hurricane Florence flooding across many states.

On Sept. 15th they say they only shut down Brunswick NPP and Global Nuclear Fuels plant. No updates since then. We are sure no of the aging nuke plants in the hurricane path have cracks in the containment building concrete like that collapsed bridge in Genoa had.


Sept. 13 – Fox News – Hurricane Florence’s potentially catastrophic path includes ‘at-risk’ nuclear power plants

“Two at-risk nuclear power plants – one with the same design as the Fukushima plant – are in the center of Hurricane Florence’s path of destruction when it makes landfall later this week…”
… “It’s predicted to directly pass over the Brunswick Nuclear Plant – about 30 miles south of Wilmington – as well as the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill, a town farther inland.”

Feb. 2018 –   NRC seeks fines for violations at Vogtle nuclear plant

“SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — A federal agency Wednesday proposed a $145,000 fine for safety violations at Plant Vogtle, saying employees failed to perform “vital” checks of equipment and conditions at the nuclear plant in eastern Georgia.”



NRC 1976 flood plan for nuke sites

FEMA paper with above info expanded and 2012 additional material

2014 USGS paper – Assessing Inundation Hazards to Nuclear Powerplant Sites Using Geologically Extended Histories of Riverine Floods, Tsunamis, and Storm Surges (summary). Full Report

Graphic – Hurricanes and Storm Surge



Nevada wants to BURN toxic chemicals and rad waste at Rocky Flats this spring – Dr. Leuren Moret Says “NO!”

7 05 2015

News story about the burn plan

Dr. Moret is a  renowned rad_sign  geoscientist and is an expert on health effects of ionizing radiation. She is famous as a whistle-blower on nuclear weapons lab science fraud and graft.

This is her letter to House Subcommitte on the Interior Chair, Joe Skeen dated April 14, 2001 –


Page 1      .                Page 2
LtrSkeen1sm                 LtrSkeen2sm

Page 3      .              Page 4
SkeenLtr3sm                 LtrSkeen4sm


His address  –

Chairman Joe Skeen  (new guy is Rep. Mark Amodei from Nev.)
Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations
B-308 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.   20515

Feel free to write your own letter!

Others on the committee   |   Look up tel./contact for your rep.

Leuren Moret Interview by Paul Sandhu –

LINK – http://youtu.be/tE4iH_DjOvg



Fallout 1955 (Full 15 min Cold War Documentary)

14 01 2013

LINK – http://youtu.be/saLwgBKJT7o

Do Japan residents know half this stuff?  That cartoon man died when he opened the sliding door to look at the plate, barehanded.

This film is instructive to Japan resisdents and Louisiana residents.  In Louisiana the water table is inches below the surface so there are no basements to go to if the butane cavern is breached or  the rad waste in caverns nearby get blown up. Any time now. And we can SEE the fallout on the Live Cam at Fukushima Daiichi.  It makes black and white specs fly across the screen on release.

Japan Thinks Testing Radiation Exposure is Too Distressing

16 06 2012

unnnnbelievable …

The researchers said Fukushima’s Local Medical Care Division told them,  “It’s all right to measure environmental levels, but testing people stirs uneasiness, so we would like you to stop it.”


Fukushima Update – TEPCO Exposes Bus Full of Reporters to Huge Radiation Dose (Updated)

20 11 2011

They got   1 Sieverts per Hour blast of radiation (“5 hours of that and they’d all be dead”)!

Fukushima Report with Jeff Rense and Yoichi Shimatsu  Nov.14

” . . .  Radiation is now falling down on Europe and Scandinavia with Sweden and other countries alarmed by Iodine-131 on their soil. They are dumbfounded why this is showing up because in their eyes “it can’t be from Fukushima” All along the people in the know about the Jet Stream will know that this time of the year there is Winter Weather in Europe bringing down Arctic Air that is filled with radiation Iodine-131 coming from Fukushima more so now than ever before and possibly from Fukushima Reactor Number 6 that’s also in meltdown hidden from the public and media!!!   . . . “


Above has audio MP3 download of the interview.


Breaking news “1.6 Sv/h from reactor 3″


Video report from Radioactive Chat says all the reporters were told on the tour to stop filming:



“Pandemic” of low dose symptom around in Tokyo

13 09 2011

From Radioactive Chat

Aggregation of 550 cases from 18th of June to 30th of June:

Questioned people having ailments are from 0 to 87 years, average age 30,47 years

Diagnoses were:

  • Ailments of the throat (172 cases)
  • Nosebleed (106 cases)
  • Diarrhea (97 cases)
  • Fatigue (83 cases)
  • Cough (61 cases)
  • Pain in the nose, cold (50 cases)
  • Headaches (42 cases)
  • Swollen Eyes (39 cases)
  • Fever (34 cases)
  • Stomatitis (28 cases)
  • Many participants in the survey complained about ailments, not knowing any reason. Some examples:

    “Normally I suffer from constipation, but now I suffer from persistent diarrhea”, “I did not have nosebleeding for years and nobody has hit me, but all of a sudden I got nosebleed”

    Aggravation or recurrence of atopy and allergic reactions, menstrual ailments, moles, Purpura (skin rash), although the people did not undergo stress … (more)


    See also ‘FUKUSHIMA INFO’ (top TABS) for Tokyo radiation maps.