Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Hillary and Pizzagate Stars Use Embassies to Secretly Move Art Treasures Around the World

17 05 2017

Scrubbed from Reddit – so, of course, going viral – –
Art in Embassies Program Gave Podestas, Jeff Koons, Rockefellers, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Rothschilds even Alefantis access to a private shipping channel that could bypass airport security

“Welcome to Skull and Bones. The Foundation for Art and Preservation of Embassies is made up of dozens of billionaire families and politicians with ties to the global elite who are able to ship artwork around the world without passing through conventional security channels. They have partnered with the Rothschild, and Alefantis, The Podestas and Hillary Clinton are involved. . . . “

” . . . it’s worth knowing that the Rothschilds and the Clintons are two major pieces in a secretive, international group with access to cargo planes.”




Questions Stephen Hawking Won’t Answer on Reddit

29 07 2015

Item: Stephen Hawking on Reddit: Ask Him a Question on Artificial Intelligence

The Reddit page to ask him a question is highly sanitized. Any question for the top scientist on the top scientific question of the day, “How to we save Earth from Fukushima radiation?”, gets tossed.

So let’s ask in comments here –


FC’s Question:


Mr. Hawking, Thank you for your bold stance on AI.

Can you give an opinion on why the highest science resources haven't been utilized to address the planet-threatening multiple melt-downs in Japan?
AI and other tools could have been a big help in the beginning. Linking many computers together to help with climate study has been a help in that field but was never done for this problem.
People worldwide are concerned.
Also, at this point, is it too late to stop the chain-reactions there?



Reddit Bans Socialist News, Info

22 02 2014

World Socialist Web SiteReddit forum blacklists WSWS

In a blatant act of political censorship, the moderators of the r/socialism forum on the link aggregating site Reddit have unilaterally “blacklisted” the World Socialist Web Site for a period of one month. In announcing the ban, one of the moderators declared that it would be made permanent unless the WSWS changed its political line.

On Monday, moderators of the same forum temporarily deleted an article from the Workers Inquiry into the Bankruptcy of Detroit web site ( that had reached the top of the page due to its popularity among Reddit users. The action, taken without any explanation, clearly revealed the political motivation behind the ban on the WSWS and the contemptuous attitude of the moderators, linked to various political groups, toward the users of the forum. . . . (more)