Touchless Tourture – Documentary

31 07 2017




The US Air Force’s New Mind Control Wing

30 11 2011

Creepy article by Peter Quistgard says:

Other human bioeffects sought for the new RF weapons have included remote behavioral influence, EEG entrainment (induced brain wave frequency), or how human brain response to certain RF stimuli may mimic schizophrenia . . .  . . . It’s clear from mad science like this, revealed in available RFDE weapons research and development documentation, that it’s all about ways to remotely manipulate human physiology in order to degrade the human effectiveness or performance of targeted individuals, not to improve it. Indeed, this is what the HED (Human Effectiveness Directorate) logo suggests. In this sense, the Air Force’s “human effectiveness” is better understood as a double entendre, with the positive meaning for public consumption and the other meaning more at “effectiveness on humans” of the new class of secret weapons. . .

This sounds related to events in Egypt:

Egypt Tahrir doctors capture officer disguised as medic who gave “wrong” shots to  


 The hated secret police there are trained by the US:

WikiLeaks: Egyptian torturers trained by FBI