Tracing the “Chicken Sacrifice” Hillary E-Mail

22 05 2016

"I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch"

So reads a line in an e-mail in the Hillary Clinton collection.
goatheadguy1We have the story behind the story as this item is getting some buzz on the internet and most of it is error-ridden.

Rumor Control:

The e-mail was not sent by Hillary Clinton or her sidekick, Cheryl Mills. It was sent by an even more self-serving, creep and sadistic personality, Lewis Amselem at the OAS. He sent it to Craig Kelly who sent it to Cheryl Mills. And then it wound up in the Hillary Clinton e-mail haystack.

The e-mail:

Case No. F-2014-20439   Doc. No. C05764911

Link –
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An interesting e-mail to SOS Clinton from Amselem on Hondorus
Lewis Amselem, the head of the U.S. delegation to the Organization of American States (OAS),
and his dealings for the US in regard to the coup in a email sent to SOS Clinton

Who is OAS’ Lewis Amselem?

US Ambassador Lew Amselem: A Ghoul from Horror Films Past  spider30
“Journalist Jeremy Bigwood, who was reporting from Guatemala during Amselem’s tenure there, remembers the diplomat for the same kind of outrageous behavior and statements over the years that he displayed yesterday in Washington. Amselem, according to Bigwood, “would put a positive spin on the extermination of a couple hundred thousand Guatemalan Indians. The guy should be sent to the International Criminal Court for abetting war crimes. He even arranged illegal supplies and airlifts to the Guatemalan Army after US military assistance had been banned. I can’t believe that he would be representing the Obama administration in the OAS.””

Obama’s Magical Surrealism in Honduras

Washington’s Magical Realism
Why then did the ruling elite and its military stage a [Honduras] coup and ultimately get Washington’s blessing? Because they thought they could get away with it — and they did.

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