Beyond Belief! Louisiana is about to let gas co. make a NEW salt dome toxic storage site under Lake Peigneur.

29 08 2012

They haven’t even begun to FIX the other disaster salt dome site at Napoleonville!

Read about it on out Louisiana sinkhole blog.

Soooo disgusting. They just expect residents to move somewhere else if they don’t like it!

Natural Gas Pipeline Emergency Backup System Affected by Louisiana Sinkhole

17 08 2012

Chevron Corp’s subsidiary Bridgeline Holdings uses those salt domes in Napoleonville, LA that have the expanding sinkhole.

According to their website As owner and operator of three natural gas salt dome storage caverns in S. Louisiana, all integrated into its pipeline facilities, Bridgeline offers unsurpassed gas storage capacity, service and interconnections. Substantially increasing the range of services available, these storage caverns feature the operational flexibility to meet almost any gas supply need – including pipeline balancing, emergency backup, no-notice service, needle and seasonal peaking, winter/summer price hedging and storage spread hedging.”

So if the salt domes are all shot to hell and are too dangerous even to row a boat up to . . . what happens if a big natural gas pipeline elsewhere needs the pipeline balancing or emergency backup that Bridgeline Holdings was able to offer before the sinkhole?

Does some other company somewhere else pick up the slack?

What about seasonal peaking, or a cold snap or anything that causes a winter demand for natural gas?

When they remove the natural gas from Napoleonville where are they sending it? To Texas? Texas is also getting sinkholes.

Is the big yawn from the US business press on this topic normal?

Just askin’.

NOTE: Further news will get posted here:

news about that sinkhole

New Alarming Headlines About The Louisiana Sinkhole

15 08 2012

The danger seems to increase daily. 

Gov’t engineers now monitoring highway’s elevation levels in 4 areas near Louisiana sinkhole

Local Homeland Security Director: Officials concerned cap of giant Napoleonville Dome may ‘shift’ and release butane from cavern

Giant propane cavern also in vacinity of sinkhole — Capacity over 3 million barrels when added to butane cavern — Officials: “A lot of dynamic things” happening nearby

See the latest news at ENE-News (US/Canada).

The salt dome in a diagram.

Google Blocks Dangerous Louisiana Sinkhole News

14 08 2012

The huge sinkhole threatens a giant cavern filled with butane and others with rad waste.

According to Google News no story has been written on it since this August 12th item-

Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in Bayou Corne possible

Louisiana State of Emergency: Oil and gas sinkhole disaster area risks and rights violations escalating

There are lots of big stories coming out of the local tv news and newspapers. Google “News” is just censoring them.  And when you search the term “sinkhole” without specifics it turns up a bunch of non-Louisiana stories.

Just an H-bomb. Nothin’ to look at here, folks. Move along. – F.C.

See also Helen Caldicott and Kate Orff Talk About Nexus of Harm From Petrochemical America,

our earlier post with news on the sinkhole

Breaking: Louisiana Sinkhole Could Release Huge Toxic Mess, Radioactive Crud + UPDATES

10 08 2012

ENE-News has it –

Sheriff Warns: Growing sinkhole could be catastrophic — 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane nearby — Homeland Security: Over 300 feet wide, up to 400 feet deep

National Guard: Giant sinkhole is growing in Louisiana — Tests for radioactive materials in air and water underway — Site used for oil and gas production

From – Aug. 3 – Bubbling Bayous, Tremors and “Slurry Area” Signs Of Failing Natural Gas Salt Storage Caverns?


There is serious radiation concern.

Article with diagram of the giant underground saltdome where the toxic stuff is stored.

Rattling earthquakes’ and bubbling bayous’ mystery relationship in the swamp

The Chevron subsidiary Bridgeline Holdings has updated news about the site at the bottom of this page.

Aug. 16, Oversized loads of equipment delivered to Grand Bayou sinkhole

Sinkhole grows 50 feet, almost swallows 2 workers

Louisiana sinkhole – fears of radioactivity and gas explosion as sinkhole gets bigger – has videos


[snip] . . .  Now there are massive bubbles starting up that could be all along the Mississippi delta from The great lakes to off shore into the Gulf where BP cracked a salt Dome and started a avalanche of destruction.
These underground Caverns and Salt Domes run all along into deep Texas.In fact people’s homes have cracks in the foundations for hundreds of miles and it is being blamed on dryness in the ground when in fact the whole American Plate is shifting from California to new York.
Related – lots of sinkholes in North America recently (VIDEO) –

Texas Brine tried to avoid compensation payments to evacuated families (!)

Aug. 19, New video report on the situation (same info but nice film).

Aug. 21, Texas Brine Co. Sued Over Radioactive Sinkhole

Aug. 24, Louisiana sinkhole draws stepped-up state homeland security response

Check for updates at ENE-News (US/Canada section) – F.C.



Note: Dutchsinse has a link on the sidebar under ‘Blogroll’ heading. He will be monitoring this. – F.C.

 TV news report:


Aug. 14 – It is  250% size of earlier reports 

A comment with some drilling tech info from “The Oil Drum”.

Aug. 8 – Chevron files force majeure on natgas storage facility

Info on underground nuclear testing in Louisiana

AND – Besides underground atom bomb test, Project Dribble, there was Project Salmon and Project Sterling.
Details:  Salt dome pressure – past and present

The Little Known New Madrid Pipeline Bomb – about the fault line and all the pipelines on it

A Short Video About a 1986 Sinkhole-Salt Mine Disaster –

A Good MAP of the Bayou Corne Sinkhole < BEST


Some Salt Dome Facts

[US] Petrolium Industry 2011 Statistics Report   – ( PDF )

1997 Report: Texaco Expanding Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Market Across Louisiana Gulf Coast With Onique Pipeline Infrastructure Called “TENDS”.

Salt Domes in Louisiana

American Geological Institute – Nature of growth of southern Louisiana salt domes and its effect on petroleum accumulation

PHOTOS of inside a salt dome

LA. State Report on Geology with maps & charts ( PDF )

Clemson University MAP of salt domes in LA.

 LA. map with energy industry info

 Hydrogeologic Framework of Southern Louisiana – USGS  (PDF) – lists aquifers, faults, with charts etc.


Are methane hydrates dissolving?

The average temperatures of the atmosphere are rising; the average temperatures of the oceans, too. Not only living organisms react sensititvely to these changes. The transitional zones between shallow shelf seas and the deep sea at continental slopes store a huge amount of methane hydrates in the sea bed

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The UPDATES now are on a seperate blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.  Also lots of official news from the Assumption Parish blog.

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