Who is nuke shill David Perlman and who does he work for?

9 01 2014

We saw this idiotic story just now from The San Fransisco Chronicle by David Perlman  – Coast getting little radiation from Fukushima disaster

Hmmm? Let’s check out the work this elderly science writer produces. Gems like this – Newly discovered microbe gobbling up gulf oil (2010). Franken-bacteria. Goody!

He doesn’t seem to have ties to Shell Oil like nuke shill, Maggie “Boing Boing!” Koerth-Baker but his paper may.

Let’s look at the SF Chronicle. They are owned “by The San Francisco Newspaper Company, a consortium owned by Canadian media mogul Todd Vogt.” Vogt may be Canadian but we don’t see any ties to uranium in his profile. BUT . . . Hoover’s says billionaire Philip Anschutz owns the SF Newspaper Co..

Let’s check him out. “. . . .He found a billion-barrel pocket of oil a mile underground–one of the largest discoveries since Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay. In 1982, not long before oil prices plunged, Anschutz sold a chunk of his find to Mobil for $500 million.

Being a big wheel having oil profits can’t explain the deceptive article Perlman wrote poo-pooing radiation wafting over California.

It must be the media mogul bosses just want to preserve their California holdings and don’t want to get stuck with a giant newspaper chain with a total circulation of 12.

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Again, We Ask:

How much money can a person enjoy when to get it they have to put readers in deadly peril from radiation, to promote the deadly nuclear power industry that immorally weaponizes their “fuel” against all international conventions and pollutes this Earth like crazy and to imply anyone subjected to 50+ years of fallout and concerned about the resultant cancers, deaths, immune system impairments and mystery diseases are all a bunch of impressionable paranoid conspiracy freaks?