Housatonic –  Klaus Schwab and Sagan : 911 to CV19

14 08 2022

From Housatonic – 

LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0S1pbcJQB0

ALT. LINK –  https://odysee.com/@Housatonic:0/443-ep-91-l:a

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Re-Think 9-11 Billboard is now in Times Square

5 09 2013

From the ReThink911 website:

ReThink911 Billboard Towers Over Times Square: Forward the Image Far and Wide

NYC’s committed supporters came ready on September 3rd to hand out brochures and educate the public immediately upon the heralded installation of the gigantic billboard overlooking Times Square (47th Street and 7th Avenue). At least one million people will see this 54’ x 46’ billboard each day throughout the month of September, bringing unprecedented attention to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. We in the ReThink911 campaign would like to thank everyone who donated and worked so hard to bring this billboard to Times Square.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/hZEvA8BCoBw

Former FBI Agents Blast Credibility of 9-11 Commish

14 10 2011

From Salon

“. . . A growing number of former government insiders — all responsible officials who served in a number of federal posts — are now on record as doubting ex-CIA director George Tenet’s account of events leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Among them are several special agents of the FBI, the former counterterrorism head in the Clinton and Bush administrations, and the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who told us the CIA chief had been “obviously not forthcoming” in his testimony and had misled the commissioners. . .  “


Will the continuing revelations about Sept. 11, 2001 that cannot be reconciled by the poor “investigation” by the 9-11 Commission prompt a do-over?  It can happen with enough noise.

TEXT: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speech to UN General Assembly 2011

23 09 2011

read the  speech here [ with a link to a PDF of entire speech]  –


… Dear Colleagues and friends;

Wouldn’t you think that the root cause of the problems must be sought in the prevailing international order, or the way the world is governed? I would like to draw your kind attention to the following questions:

Who abducted forcefully tens of millions of people from their homes in Africa and other regions of the world during the dark period of slavery , making them a victim of their materialistic greed.

Who imposed colonialism for over four centuries upon this world. Who occupied lands and massively plundered resources of other nations, destroyed talents, and alienated languages, cultures and identities of nations?

Who triggered the first and second world wars, that left seventy millions killedand hundreds of millions injured or homeless. Who created the wars in Korean peninsula and in Vietnam?

Who imposed, through deceits and hypocrisy, the Zionism and over sixty years of war, homelessness, terror and mass murder on the Palestinian people and on countries of the region?

Who imposed and supported for decades military dictatorship and totalitarian regimes on Asian, African, and Latin American nations.

Who used nuclear bomb against defenseless people, and stockpiled thousands of warheads in their arsenals?

Whose economies rely on waging wars and selling arms?

Who provoked and encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade and impose an eight-year war on Iran, and who assisted and equipped him to deploy chemical weapons against our cities and our people.

Who used the mysterious September 11 incident as a pretext to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, killing, injuring, and displacing millions in two countries with the ultimate goal of bringing into its domination the Middle East and its oil resources? . . .

Richard Gage KPFK radio debate on WTC collapse on 9-11 2001

15 09 2011

MP3 Download from KPFK radio

Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War – from Rev. Billy

13 09 2011

[snip] . . . . In the ten years since then, the official violence has been grotesque. Our taxes kill children, with old dead “freedom” rhetoric spoken over the bodies by politicians. At home here in New York City, the 1st Amendment protections that made the Union Square moment possible are strictly hunted down. We have gone to jail for the simple act of shouting or singing in public. Peace – we are told – cannot come from anything but brute force. This infantilizes the citizenry – into consumers only, victims momentarily safe in a culture of fear . . . (more)


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NATO and 9/11: Declaration of the Latvian Antiglobalists

7 09 2011

Riga, 7th September 2011

To all peoples of the world, NATO nations and NATO occupied countries

1.Following the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 event and the evidence that this was pre-arranged as an excuse for further illegal global invasions in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.) to succeed earlier invasions in the Balkans and Afghanistan.

2.Whereas the government of Latvia and the Parliament members have not been elected constitutionally because the Constitution of Latvia (Satversme) requires that all citizens have the right to become Parliamentarians. It therefore follows that for the last 20 years the country has been governed illegally by a minority chosen out of the 1% who are Party members. The word “Party” does not occur in the Latvian Constitution.

3.In view of the worsening military and political situation in the Middle East, and because these developments may lead to a 3rd world war. . . . (more)


As the war machine cranks up its propaganda efforts around the tenth anniversary of their kick-off campaign it will be left to bloggers and researchers to keep telling the truth about the false flag “attack” on 9-11. – F.C.