No Houston evacuation “because it takes too long” – FEMA … exposes US Civil Defense for Nuke War is a complete SHAM.

28 08 2017

FEMA adminstrator, Brock Long on KHOU live news broadcast at 6:30 a.m. (CDT) said people were told to shelter in place in Houston and no evacuation order given because the weather forecast didn’t indicate where, over a large area, the water was going to flow. “Pinpointing what watershed that rain is going to go into is dang near impossible . . . “, he said. They didn’t know until it was actually happening. He said to evacuate a city of over 2 million would take days.

[ at  1 hour 40 min. into this LIVE STREAM]

If Houston takes days to evacuate how long for bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles?

The evacuation of population scheme is the basis of US nuclear war strategy.