A Nuke Plant in S. Korea is Literally Falling Apart

21 08 2019

“A group of local residents is demanding the shutdown of a nuclear power plant in South Korea’s southwest after hundreds of holes were discovered in two of its reactors. A so-called emergency meeting of citizens from Gwangju and South Jeolla Province held a launching ceremony in Gwangju on Tuesday, issuing a statement calling for the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant is be decommissioned and shut down. They said the reactors in question are too dangerous to ignore, vowing to fight until they are powered down. They also called on the operator to immediately cancel its plan to resume operations at the plant which have been halted temporarily for a checkup. The move came after around 300 holes were found in the containment buildings of reactors three and four. Reactor one was also suspended in May after there was a surge in the thermal output level.”




‘Mystery (California) Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test?

15 04 2011

This rumor is swirling the internet. F.C. just found out about it.

Were the stories of the mystery rocket off California last November and the  stranding of the giant cruise ship in the Pacific  south of California related??? Check this out:

From Above Top Secret:

‘Mystery Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test? 

Anyone remember these two incidents that occurred the same day, Nov. 9, 2010? 

. . . “Jim Marrs was on Coast To Coast the the other night saying that according to information and documents he received from a retired missile launch officer, the “mystery plume” off the coast of California was actually a missile fired from a Chinese sub that was carrying a secret new EMP weapon which completely caught NORAD off guard. And apparently the “stealth” design meant it couldn’t be tracked by radar. . . “


Chinese Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Firing as Part of Combined Arms Anti-Carrier Exercises in East China Sea, 30 June-5 July

A new window into Chinese naval combined arms operations involving warships and fighter jets opened recently in the East China Sea. There the PLA carried out “live firing training” in a relatively small box-shaped area off Zhejiang Province between Zhoushan and Taizhou, within China’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the East China Sea from 30 June-5 July. The core theme of the combined arms exercises appears to have been demonstrating capabilities to attack surface ships, apparently a carrier strike group (CSG). Issues influencing the exact timing of the exercises likely include a desire to pressure the U.S. Navy not to hold exercises involving a carrier strike group with its South Korean counterpart in areas near China’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.  . .  (more)


South Korean Made Weapons a BUST in Recent Dust Up

28 12 2010

It looks like S. Korea intended to counter-attack N.K. recently but their homemade howitzers failed.

It looks like WWIII was averted by a tech screw up and not by brainy leadership.

This is from Korea JoongAng Daily :

The recent North Korean artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island has put the spotlight on South Korea’s defense industry after several of the K9 self-propelled 155-millimeter howitzers stationed on the island failed to function in response.

With many analysts expecting a further rise in tensions with the North, attention is being paid to operating standards of South Korea’s homemade weaponry and whether the country is justified in having created an extensive arms industry. . . (more)

And the article later says the big buyer of these junk weapons is the USA.

Foraign “aid” as logrolling as usual.