JFK assassination records sanitized by the CIA released

15 12 2021

Have at it  –


JFK Assassination Records – 2021 Additional Documents Release






On Dem Rotten, Rotten Rockefellers

3 07 2019

LINK https://youtu.be/QHu7KRtNZ6o

The National Security State – Gore Vidal

14 04 2019

No escape from the fun-house  . . .

LINK –  https://youtu.be/xxyOpQbAz4E

Was Joshua Schulte set up by the Feds? They accuse him being WikiLeaks informant

23 06 2018

Slate – The Feds Love to Stack Charges When It Comes to Cybercrime
The many indictments of former CIA employee Joshua Schulte aren’t just about leaking information.

“Earlier this week, the Justice Department announced that a grand jury had indicted former CIA employee Joshua Schulte for leaking classified information in 2016. While the indictment does not specify which leaks Schulte is tied to, several news organizations have reported that he provided the WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents, which comprised thousands of pages of classified material detailing the CIA’s cyber operations and digital surveillance efforts. Among other revelations, the documents showed the U.S. intelligence community making widespread use of existing or repurposed techniques and computer programs to carry out its own operations. Unfortunately, the indictment offers frustratingly few clues as to how the government believes Schulte, a 29-year-old former member of the CIA’s Engineering Development Group, carried out these leaks two years ago and how he was caught. . . . “


The indictment

Russian to Judgement – by Craig Murray

17 03 2018

The same people who assured you that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s now assure you Russian “novochok” nerve agents are being wielded by Vladimir Putin to attack people on British soil. As with the Iraqi WMD dossier, it is essential to comb the evidence very finely. A vital missing word from Theresa May’s statement yesterday was “only”. She did not state that the nerve agent used was manufactured ONLY by Russia. She rather stated this group of nerve agents had been “developed by” Russia. Antibiotics were first developed by a Scotsman, but that is not evidence that all antibiotics are today administered by Scots. . . . (more)


Social Media was Invented by the Spooks and is Used for NO Good! Thomas Paine tells all to Lionel.

23 01 2018

DARPA, the phoney-baloney tv news, the meglomaniacs in charge of the net and the battle to steer your actions all discussed –


LINK –  https://youtu.be/xySOFEMR9n4

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How CIA Helped Create Islamist Frankenstein

30 05 2016

Agents of Destruction: How CIA Helped Create Islamist Frankenstein ~

[A Piece of History Never To Be Forgotten]

the real Syrian Free Press


By Ekaterina Blinova, SputnikNews

Washington and its allies created the Islamist Frankenstein with their own hands: over the decades radical Muslim ‘agents of destruction’ have formed the belt of instability which stretches across the MENA region to Central Asia and beyond. But how did it all begin?

Back in December 1979 the USSR deployed a limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan in response to repeated requests from the Afghani government.

It is worth mentioning that the Soviet leadership had long hesitated to launch the military operation aimed at stabilizing the political situation in the Central Asian state, considering it completely “unreasonable.”

“Comrades, I have thought this issue over very thoroughly since yesterday and have concluded that we should consider very, very seriously whether it would make sense to send troops into Afghanistan. The economy is backward, the Islamic religion predominates, and nearly all of the rural population is illiterate. I do not think we can uphold the revolution in Afghanistan with the help of our bayonets. The…

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