Is Texas Power Outage in Winter Storm Turing into Another Katrina?

17 02 2021

Going into day 3 of  no power, no heat many without water and trapped by icy roads with no excape. Food gone from stores and public heating-shelters have no heat and are closed.
Steve Lookner was just asking if this will turn into another Katrina.  The deep freeze is affecting water distribution (equipment breaking down) and people are melting snow to operate a toilet. Millions in Texas still without  power. Many towns have temperatures below 12°F. A nightmare.



Houston Chronicle What went wrong with the Texas power grid?

“The Texas power grid, powered largely by wind and natural gas, is relatively well equipped to handle the state’s hot and humid summers when demand for power soars. But unlike blistering summers, the severe winter weather delivered a crippling blow to power production, cutting supplies as the falling temperatures increased demand.
Natural gas shortages and frozen wind turbines were already curtailing power output when the Arctic blast began knocking generators offline early Monday morning.”

No, frozen wind turbines aren’t the main culprit for Texas’ power outages
Lost wind power makes up only a fraction of the reduction in power-generating capacity that has brought outages to millions of Texans across the state during a major winter storm.

This Newsweek article gives details about the Texas electricity grid –  ERCOT Power Outage Map, Updates as Texas Winter Storm Leaves 3.9 Million Without Power





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