Still Time to #Stop Kamala Harris on US National Security Grounds; She Isn’t Officially Biden’s VP Nominee Until Next Week’s Convention; Spread the Word!

12 08 2020

Mining Awareness +

Please understand that National Security is something above and beyond issues of policy, record, and personality.

We don’t want or need to be owned by India or China or Russia or any other country.

We don’t want India to be privy to secrets that even the American people don’t know.

Kamala Harris’ US Senate swearing in with her Uncle Gopalan Balachandran to her left. Why did she tell Biden that her uncle was a journalist but not his other jobs? Isn’t it clear?

Still time to #StopKamala Harris on national security grounds. She isn’t officially the VP pick until the Convention next week. Perhaps Democratic delegates have the say still, as in the past.

McGovern dropped VP pick Eagleton 18 or 19 days after the convention in 1972, and took three weeks to find a new one (Shriver). Biden has multiple candidates who can step in immediately. Unless…

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