Bush-Era Admin lied about the USS San Francisco accident to distance its covert involvement with the 26 Dec 2004 9.3 quake offshore Sumatra.

25 09 2011

Found on Rense.com
“According to official reports, the USS San Francisco was involved in a high speed collision with an unexpected undersea terrain in the Caroline ridge area, 350 miles SE of her Guam base on 8 Jan 2005”.

How could the world’s most advanced and sophisticated navy commit such a terribly naive mistake of crashing into an uncharted sea mount? What was even more incredible is the fact that the multi-billion nuclear submarine was equipped with the state-of-the-art navigation, positioning and sonar detection systems, manned by an experienced crew and commanded by Cmdr. Kevin Mooney, a naval captain with 19 years of exemplary service. A rookie crew first time at sea and a commander out of the comedy movie “police academy” perhaps. But a submarine which had successfully completed all its previous missions with flying colours? They must really be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to come up with stories like that. . . (more)


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The article make much more sense if you read about the Indonesia tsunami and unusual US sub activity nearby in Towbridge H. Ford’s series in the prior post.