Arrests at The Sun Relate to Murders of Stephen Hilder, Dr. David Kelly and Faked Evidence Used to Justify Iraq War

13 03 2012

The arrest of Rebekah Brooks by Scotland Yard today may yield big news shortly.


Assassinations of Jurgen Möllemann & Stephen Hilder Helped Set Up That of Dr. David Kelly

and this SUN article –

POLICE probing the murder of a skydiver [Hilder]  who plunged 13,000ft to the ground are to question revellers who attended an airbase fancy dress party the night before.

See ALSO related articles by Trowbridge H. Ford on our right sidebar. These murders relate to the Mossad, various British spooks and the firmament of British journalism. It is all unraveling now.

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Rebekah Brooks Arrested! Sun Editor in the Clink!

13 03 2012

Rebekah Brooks among six arrested in phone-hacking investigation
Former Sun editor held by Operation Weeting detectives on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

Rebekah Brooks is among six people arrested by Scotland Yard detectives on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, as part of the investigation into phone hacking.

 The former News International chief executive was arrested at her home in Oxfordshire by detectives from Operation Weeting. Sources also said that her husband, race course trainer Charlie Brooks, was also arrested. . .

 . . . . Brooks was also previously arrested on 17 July last year on appointment at a London police station on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications, contrary to Section1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977 and on suspicion of corruption allegations contrary to Section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906. . . .  (more)

More on the Sun

The purse-thrown-in-dumpster story

Arrests at The [UK] Sun newspaper and the link to David Kelly’s murder

14 02 2012

Trowbridge H. Ford has new details on the connection between the arrests this week at The Sun (Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal) and the murder of David Kelly. 

Kelly knew the US stories about WMD on the run up to the Iraq invasion were phoney.

The Update is on this post –  British Court to Re-examine (WMD whistleblower) David Kelly’s Death – UPDATE: They Kill It

The Guardian Has Rebekah Brooks’ Memos

8 09 2011

Rebekah Brooks’s 2009 letter to John Whittingdale: ‘The Guardian has misled the British public’

Deciphered – Rebekah Brooks’s response to a previous request to meet MPs

Deciphered – Rebekah Brooks’s resignation message