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18 06 2018

BBC – Titanic search was US ‘front for Cold War mission’

On a comment here, contributor, Trowbridge H. Ford said, “let the people know that the sinkings of the US submarines Puffer and Batfish with around 200 sailors on board in a confrontation with Olof Palme’s Sweden during 1982-3 is now being covered up by the Pentagon claiming that the sinkings Reagan ordered to be found were those of the USS Thresher and Scorpion in the ruse of finding the Titanic.

As Sontag and Drew explain in great detail in Blind Man’s Bluff, the Scorpion was found 9 months after it went missing, and the Thresher was also found in the Pacific by a submersible at a great depth.”

He details the episode here –

Deserter David Hemler Helped ‘False Flag’ Plot To Sink Soviets At Sweden’s Expense

by Trowbridge H. Ford

When Social Democrat leader Olof Palme surprisingly regained power in the 1982 fall parliamentary elections, the Reagan administration in Washington immediately tested his anti-communist feeling by having US and NATO submarines flood Swedish waters around its naval base at Muskö to see how it would react, a secret plan to check Swedish anti–submarine warfare capability (Operation NOTVART) which the new statsminister had not been informed of. He had been portrayed in Anatoliy Golitsyn’s New Lies for Old, a work by the famous double agent who the CIA and MI6 not only encouraged but also endorsed (See Editors’ Foreword) about the alleged agent of influence who had used his subversive intentions to gain power under false pretenses (p. 55ff, esp. p. 288), a suspicion which was long passed time to determine the truth of.  Palme was on the Reagan administration’s watch list because of his continuing support of national liberation movements in Central America and Africa, and because of his support of a Nordic Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. Despite the most serious concerns about Palme’s trustworthiness, the statsminister came through the naval ordeal in flying colors

Palme went along with the set-up, also known as the Hårsfjärden incident because of where it occurred, as if nothing was amiss. While it was still going on, Vice Admiral Per Rudberg, Chief of Sweden’s Navy, appointed a service committee to determine what had actually happened, and come up with measures to make sure it didn’t happen again. Two days later on October 15th, the Palme government appointed a Parliamentary Commission under the leadership of Minister of Defense and former Foreign Affairs Minister Sven Anderson, and including leading politicians across the political spectrum to investigate the incident. To assist its inquiry, Vice Admiral Bro Stefenson, the Navy’s Chief of Staff, and Sven Hellman of the Ministry of Defense were appointed as experts. General Lennat Ljung, the Swedish Commander-in-Chief, announced their creation in most alarming terms: “The investigation of the sea-floor continues. The barricades are still deployed. There has definitely been one submarine, possibly several. No indication of nationality. Large amount of force used, even mines, which has never happened. Tough methods. I don’t know any other country that has done this in peace-time.” (Quoted from May 1983 notes that Palme’s Secretary of State Ulf Larsson took at high-level meetings.)

In December 1982, the naval inquiry, headed by Swedish Rear Adminal Gunnar Grandin, reported to the Navy Chief. It concluded that the Soviet bloc seemed to be responsible for it, thanks apparently to NATO’s continuing checking of Sweden’s national security reliability in light of Moscow’s accidentally beaching one of its Whisky submarines on the rocks off the Swedish base at Karlskrona the year before Palme returned to office. (For more, see Chris Mosey, Cruel Awakening: Sweden and the Killing of Olof Palme, pp. 147-8.) The Grandin report put it this way: “When it comes to nationality of the submarines, we know that the submarine incident in Karlskrona was Soviet. A number of optical, hydrophonic and passive radar indications point, even in this case to submarines from the WTO ( Warsaw Treaty Organization). Some indications of received radar signals cannot exclude that submarines of other nationality (NATO) have been in the area outside where the incidents have occurred. The reason for this has probably been to follow the activity.” (CM/Grandin, appendix 2, ‘Händelseförloppet’ Bilaga 2 i ‘Granskning av ubåtsjaktverksamheten mot bakgrund av händelserna I Stockholms skärgård’ )

On April 26, 1983, the Parliamentary Commission reported, making a stronger case against the WTO, particularly the USSR. Six submarines had been involved, three of them midget ones, and given what had happened before, especially the 1981 incident, it concluded that they must be Soviet ones. “On this point the Commission confirms,” it admitted, “that neither the sea floor investigations nor any other investigation has yielded proof in the form of objects found or otherwise which could bind a certain state to the violations.” ( SOU (1983) 13,Att möta ubåtshotet – Ubåtskrängar och svensk säkerhetspolitik. Betäankande från ubåtsskyddscommissionen. Stockholm, 1983, p. 81) Without any smoking guns, the Commission still concluded its narrative of what seemed to have been going on by pointing to the Soviet bloc.

The Commission report was too wishy-washy for its Chairman, Defense Minister Sven Anderson, who added falsely in a press conference the same day that a midget sub that escaped to the Soviet bloc on October ll may have been damaged. To bolster any fingers pointed toward Moscow, the Palme government sent a protest to the USSR, stating that such intrusions were serious crimes against international law, adding that they were “…deliberate and illegal attempts to investigate Swedish territorial waters. These activities must be strongly condemned.” (Svenska Dagbladet, April 27, 1983) Palme made the protest public knowledge by talking about its content, and delivery at a press conference.

Stockholm recalled its ambassador to Moscow for consultation to underline its disapproval of what the Soviets were apparently doing.

To keep the pressure on Moscow, certain suspicious submarine events occurred – thought to be WTO ones at the time, but which turned out later to either NATO ones or simple inventions. A month before the Commission reported, there were alarms at both naval bases at Karlskrona and Muskö that unknown subs were in surrounding territorial waters, but the hunts from nothing. Then the day after it reported, there was a Norwegian hunt for an alleged submarine in Hardangerfjord where depth charges and anti-submariine rockets were used to sink it or force it to the surface, but none was discovered. Then there was a submarine scare off Sundsvall the next day. Two days later, an unknown sub was spotted in a fjord north of Göteborg on Sweden’s west coast. The next day one was sighted south of that city but when it was forced to surface, it turned out to be West German.

While no Soviet bloc subs were found, the alarms created increasing, unprecedented anti-Soviet sentiment among the population. It was still surprising, despire the politicised panic over the intrusions, that the government finally reacted to the clamor, and with more Defence Staff justification of it by sending another most caustic note, almost a provocation for war, to Moscow on October 10th. Acoustic evidence, visual observations, signal intelligence aka sigint, and physical examination of the sea floor where the submarine activity was most intense all pointed to vessels of the Warsaw Pact being responsible.

Claiming that it was just summarizing what the Parliamentary Commission had concluded, it filed in its blanks completely at Moscow’s expense. For example, regarding visual sightings, it declared: “All observations from the time of the Hårsfjården incident lead us to the conclusion that the submarines belong to the Warsaw Pact.” (SOU 1995.Ubåtsfrågan, 1981-1994, Stockholm, 1995, p. 137)

About two sonar findings, it added: “The conclusion is that in both these cases we are dealing with Warsaw Pact submarines. There it is possible to identify various sounds – i. e., identify the number of propellers.” (Ibid.)

“Particular ciecumstrances,” it explained about sigint, “make it possible to define even a single ship. By taking the bearing of the signal, one can determine the position of a sender. It is also possible to get important information by listening to radio traffic between different ships or between a ship and its base.” (Ibid., p. 138)

“The existence of the prints on the sea-floor,” it added, “shows that the intruding submarines belong to the Warsaw Pact.”

While Moscow had responded to the first note by declaring it an “unfriendly action”, It said nothing about the second one, though it can hardly be doubted that it considered it little short of a declaration of war.

The real trouble for Sweden was that it was essentially untrue, as later inquiries after the Cold War ended showed. More important, in 1988, Pär Kettis, Director General of Sweden’s National Defence Radio Establishment aka FRA reported that it had no signal information about the Hårsfjården incident, so where did the Defence Staff get its sigint claims from? Commander Björn Eklink, skipper of the spy ship Orion who was later removed from its command because of his gung-ho attitude about getting the Soviets, claimed that he was not surprised by the admission because he had never been informed that FRA had anything incriminating Moscow. In short, it seemed that the Palme government had just endorsed leader-of-the-opposition and Parliamentary Commission member Carl Bildt’s statement about the incidents:”I cannot think about anything in modern times that has been more serious.” he concluded: “There is no doubt, (but we) cannot reveal everything.” (“Rapport,” STV2. April 26, 1983)

The only reason why Sweden was not directly punished for its provocation is because the United States, in deep trouble of its own then, adopted Sweden’s cause as its own. The Reagan administration immediately had its foreign policy thrown into the greatest disarray by the revolution in Grenada which overthrew Maurice Bishop’s government, and then the killing of those 346 American servicemen, mostly Marines, in Lebanon four days later. Washington would have been in better shape if the Presndet had been able to reconstruct his government when National Secuirty Advisor William Clark was obliged to go. (For more, see Lou Cannon, President Reagan, p. 372ff.)

Instead of getting personnel changes which were in favor of better relations with Moscow, the President was stuck with one which wanted to stick it to the Soviets, explaining while the difficulties in Stockholm became opportunities for the new team. The opportunities that Sweden provided for getting rid of the USSR some way would not last long – as Washington, despite its efforts to maintain that Moscow was in an aggressive, war-starting mood – had to be concerned that the truth about Hårsfjärden would start to leak out, especially since the Social Democrats, especially Palme, had not been duly informed about what the Defence Staff was falsely claiming.

Not all journalists accepted the official line. Anders Hasselbohm was writing Ubåtshotet – En kritish gtanskning av Härsfjårds-incidenten och ubåtsskyddskommissionens rapport which would soon be published in Stockholm by Prisma. Hasselbohm was getting disclosures, especially Norwegian acoustic and other visual evidence, by NATO officers about individual submarines in the hunt which were known to be Western ones – what greatly undermined the Parliamentary Commission report, and completely gutted the note to Moscow.

The biggest problem for Washington with these claims was that the Norwegian Commander-in-Chief, General Sven Hauge who was in Stockholm at the time of the incident, and had lent Stockholm its most advanced hydrophone capability in the hope of catching the Soviets red-handed, making intrusions into Swedish waters three weeks before (Operation NOTVARP), completely changed his tune after he heard the tapes – what America’s National Secuirty Agency (NSA) got wind of. They confirmed what the leakers were claiming about NATO submarines – what the US Navy even confirmed after the Cold War was long over, and it was time to acknowledge the efforts of those involved. The giving of the Navy Unit Commendation (NUC) to the Cavalla, SSN-684, and the Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC) to the Bergall, SSN-667, Guitarro, SSN- 665, Aspro, SSN-661, Groton, SSN-694, and Puffer-SSN-652, along with the midget submarine Turtle, DSV 3, showed that they were involved in some fashion in the incident. (Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew, Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, Appendix C, pp. 424-5, and p. 433)

To defuse the Hauge-Hasselbohm ticking bomb – what would ruin new NSA Robert ‘Bud’ McFarlane’s ‘false flag’ operation to destroy the USSR in a non-nuclear war – Washington had to inform Stockholm that the Soviets were solely responsible for the Hårsfjäarden incident in a most convincing way. One would expect the National Underwater Reconnaissance Office (NURO) – the agency that DCI Richard Helms had created when Nixon became President to keep track of all the secrets that the Navy was collecting – but it had not been informed by Captain James Bradley’s Office of Undersea Warfare (OUW) of the intrusions of Swedish waters, so getting.the NURO involved would just cause more problems. The OUW, while well informed about such secrets, was too well organized, and widespread for any deceptive mission succeeding without some kind of damaging blow-back. (For more about it, see ibid., p. 117ff.) Besides, allegedly ratting on a mission that it was most involved in would be most suspect to start with.

So NSA decided to do it. Now its director was Air Force General Lincholn D. Faurer who had had a long career of carrying out its survellance missions. “During the 1970s,” James Bamford wrote in Body of Secrets, “Faurer served variously as director of intelligence for the Southern Command, Air Force deputy assistant Chief of Staff fror Intelligence, vice director for production at the Defense Intelligence Agency, director of intelligence at the U.S. European Command, and deputy chairman of the NATO MIlitary Committee.” (p. 387) Faurer was known for his can-do attitude, and his obsession about secrecy while the agency was undergoing its largest expansion in history. “Unlike Inman (his predecessor),” Bamford added, “Faurer was determined to keep out of the spotlight; he began rebuilding the agency’s wall of anonymity.”

To make up for the treachery that analyists William H. Martin and Bernon F.Mitchell committed by defecting to Moscow a quarter century before, Faurer apparently had David Helmer defect to Sweden on February 10, 1984, much like Lee Harvey Oswald had done when he went to the USSR, hunting for Soviet leaders. Hemler had volunteered for the Air Force, and had done well enough to become a member of its elite eavesdropping agency, the 6913 Electronic Secuirity Squadron, stationed in Augsburg, Germany. General Faurer had become most involved in the unit’s activity while serving in various Air Force intelligence capacities in Eiurope, and was looking for defectors to make up for NSA’s increasingly limited human spying. When Faurer was preparing to retire early, he complained about the need of still more agents, stating that the role of computers in its operations had almost doubled since those earlier defections. (Bamofrd, p. 388)

While Hembler recently explained that his alleged desertion was caused by West Gerrmany’s adoption of the installation of cruise missiles, the defection to Sweden was intended to prevent a nuclear conclusion to the Cold War, only a non-nuclear one which would lead to its capitulation was acceptable, as Joseph Nye had recommended in his Nuclear Ethics. Hemler’s disclosures convinced Palme that the Defence Stall’s claims about the 1982 incident were accurate, causing him to dismiss anything or anyone who claimed otherwise. When Foreign Ministerr Lennart Bodström claimed the following year at a dinner attended by journalists who had not taken Hasselbohm’s claims seriously that there had been apparently no intrusions, as its Navy claimed, of Swedish waters, he was saciked by the statsminister. (Mosey, p. 151)

The most disturbing event that occurred while Hemler was finding employment with the Swedish government, probably with either FRA or Säpo, was the murder of TV reporter for the Rapport program Maureen ‘Cats’ Falck and her associate Lena Gräns after they had dinner in a south Stockholm restaurant in Novmeber 1984, They were investigating the Iran-Contra shipment of arms and money to Tehran and central America, a process in which Swedish arms, especially from Bofors, were involved, and East Germany, particularly the port of Rostock, was the center of. It was the network that Ted ‘Blond Ghost’ Shackley had been assigned by Reagan to put together from Hamburg to help gain the release of American hostages held by Iran. The reporters were apparently poisoned at the dinner, and their bodies were in a car which was driven into Stockholm’s Hammer by Canal – which were discovered the following May.

While attempts to get to the bottom of her claim that they were on to ‘something big’ – what has proven fruitless despite attempts to prove that East Germany’s Stasi killed them, as most of their research has disappeared – little attempt has been made, as the Russ Limbaugh’s Executive Intelligence Review magazine noted in 1997, to determine what they meant when they claimed “…something which was going to happen in 1986.” While, in retrospect, people predictably sited the Palme assassination, and it was, but not in the way they thought. When they were murdered, the plan still just called for some ‘false flag’ incident, like what happened in October 1982, and its exploitation..The delay was needed to get all the men, particularly the double agents in Operation Courtship, and materiel, especially a Keyhole radar satellite, in place to pull it off. It seems that the reporters got wind of the mission somehow, and were asking around about it.

It is possible that they learned of it from Hemler, but it is just as likely that they learned of it from CIA agents like Rodney ‘Rod’ Carlson or even Rick Ames himself. They were in the process of putting together the agents who were to catch the Soviets flat-footed over some surprise. Just when Hemler was defecting to Sweden, Ames, whose career crashing, was given the top job in Carlson’s Counter Intelligence Group, head of its Soviet branch. (For more, see David Wise’s Nightmover, p. 94ff.) It was while Ames was investigating what the moles in Soviet intelligence were doing for Operation Courtship that he decided to become a spy for Moscow, and word of the ‘false flag’ operation leaked increasingly to treacherous members of Sweden’s military, thanks to the Agency’s newest claim that Palme was in the process of pulling off a coup himself.

The assassination of the statsminister was now the first ‘false flag’ operation, making it look like Soviet spy Stig Bergling had done it while on compassionate leave to get married, the second would be Navy Secretary John Lehman, Jr.’s attack submarines sinking all the Soviet boomers which went on station because of the surprise in Stockholm, and NATO’s Anchor Express Exercise being dragooned into taking out the Soviet forces around the bases and in the air over the Kola Peninsula.

Palme had become the target after he most belatedly learned of the plotting by the Anglo-Americans when they tried to slip those 80 HAWK missiles through Sweden on November 17, 1985 on their way to Iran, but stopping them just increased the risks of President Reagan being impeached and removed from office because of his illegal findings.

Palme even removed the gung-ho Björn Elkind from command of the most important spy ship Orion in the Baltic, as Britain’s HMS Challenger was not available, but plans had moved by then far beyond any simple change stopping the juggernaut.

Of course, Hemler survived the fiasco, as no one even wanted to acknowledge his existence, much less what he had helped happen. It was only now that it is starting to leak out, after 28 years, but it doesn’t seem that much more will be heard about the deserter/defector, much less why.


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Discussion on it here (with the usual trolls chiming in)

America’s Pivot To Far East: How To Make & Exploit New Enemies

13 05 2017

Trowbridge H. Ford


The United States has had a long history of making enemies in seeking and controlling the world, but since the settlement of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it has slowly learned how to make new enemies, and exploit them for its strategic advantage. The process required developing new military technology, learning how to use them, developing new strategies and new forces for their use, providing new security blankets for their not being disclosed, having a flexible mentality for what is necessary when it comes to actual operations, and not being too concerned about constitutional requirements for its execution, often just dismissing it as deranged conspiracy theory. Of course, the whole change resulted in some failures, some unexpected good luck, and a lot of evil.

It really got going with the Reagan Administration’s repudiation of the strategy of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, which promised an endless struggle, and a most expensive one is keeping up. In the past the Soviet Union had managed to do so without a nuclear conflagration. and some more inventive and hopefully less expensive was sought. The strategists finally settled upon Joseph Nye’s Nuclear Ethics which called for catching the enemy by surprise which incapacitated its nuclear forces with far fewer human losses. The problems of achieving one would require new scientific breakthroughs about how to fight without nuclear weapons, more detailed intelligence to locate targets and wipe them out, provide arrangements for the necessary cleanup, and most importantly keeping the lid on what was going on.

The beginning of the new order started with a new effort by the Pentagon, headed by Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons, to provoke the Soviets into a deadly response to the latest naval challenge, known also as NATO’s Able Archer exercise,, as Gregory Vistica has written in Fall From Glory: The Men Who Sank the U.S. Navy. It proved so threatening that Moscow responded with Operation RYAN for fear that Washington was going to spring a first strike on the USSR. “ RYAN’s purpose,” Professor Christopher Andrew has profusely written in The Sword And The Shield,”to collect intelligence on the presumed, but non-existent plans of the Reagan administration to launch a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union – a delusion which reflected both the KGB’s continuing failure to penetrate the policy-making of the Main Adversary and its recurrent tendency to conspiracy theory.” (p. 213)

In this context, the development of lasers, especially light and noise ones, came in most nicely. By being able to create beams 10,000 times great than those from the sun, and could shake seabeds to smithereens, satellites and then submarines offered idle vehicles for their use. In fact, the Pentagon got early involved by having its Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) concentrating on weapons of war rather then what Gordon Gould, one of the laser’s inventors, wanted “ Perhaps,” Jeff Hecht has written in Beam: The Race to Make the Laser, “eventually Gould suggested, lasers could be made powerful enough to destroy a nuclear missile before it reached its target.” (p 75)

With such an endorsement, it was hardly surprising that the Reagan administration made it the center piece of its Star Wars program, only the laser satellite was given the less difficult task of stopping a Soviet ICBM on launch rather than in full flight. To better the intelligence of where the Soviets would launch, William Casey’s Central Intelligence Agency developed operation to locate such a sites. Operation Eastbound, a sensor mission to locate where the Soviets were preparing ICBMs for launch, went ahead with the Toshiba Company sending a cargo container full of them along there Trans Siberian Railroad. The CIA even bugged the central network in Moscow to see how the Soviet leadership reacted to some international surprise, reminiscent of how it had bugged these facilities In Vienna and Berlin. Also, Washington had its killer subs intrude more dangerously in Soviet waters, especially the White and Barents Seas, to be there to react to any Soviet response. See Appendix C in Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew’s Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, pp. 425-27.

All that was needed now was something to trigger a surprise, and it was provided by Sweden’s Prime Minister Olof Palme when he stopped a shipment of 80 HAWK missile through the country from Israel to Iran in violation of Operation Stealth, a program that he was to oversee so no arms shipments went to the participants in the Iran-Iraq War. Palme was expected to approve a user certificate that the arms were for Sweden, so that Israel would be resupplied for the transfer of the essentially obsolete missiles. Iran-Contra operation leader Oliver North even went to Stockholm to get Palme to change his mind but he refused, making what had happened an impeachable offense of President Reagan if it was disclosed.

To help cover up the problem, Washington went ahead hurriedly to launch a new Lacrosse satellite on the Challenger shuttle as the first one in space had stopped functioning, and the launch failed devastatingly almost immediately. Washington, still without a laser satellite to shoot down any ICMB if Moscow reacted rashly in response to a surprise, went ahead with its planned non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War, triggered by Palme’s assassination.

Fortunately, Moscow had developed spies, particularly the Agency’s Aldrich ‘ Rick’ Ames, the Bureau’s Robert Hansen, the Mossad’s Jonathan Pollard, and several in the US Navy, so it was not caught by surprise his shooting, as the Red Navy’s killer and boomer subs were comfortably in place to launch a secondary ICBM strike if a second one proved necessary, and Moscow had 82 unknown SS-23 nuclear-armed missiles in western Russia and East Germany, as Mark Urban has explained in UK Eyes Alpha to win any war if the shooting started (p. 290), leaving what the Lacrosse satellites could accomplish an unknown until 1988 when a replacement was finally put in space while the Soviet Bloc and the USSR were going down the tubes.

The growing possible fallout from the final end of the Iran-Iraq War brought back into focus what the Lacrosse satellites could accomplish. The big question was what would Tehran do if the western allies, led by the USA, cut troublesome Saddam Hussein down to size, possibly ousting him. A shooting war with it was out of the question, and the Iraqi leader might seek sanctuary for his most valuable assets, once it started. To keep Iran on side in any conflict, Danny Stillman, a weapons designer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, recommended that the Pentagon try to cause an earthquake by hitting its qanats, underground facilities with many entrances for collecting water, with air borne lasers. The result was a big quake, northwest of Tehran, on June 21,1990.

Little wonder that GW Bush resorted to the same tactic as his father when it came time to keep Iran in December 2003 from taking advantage of the capture of Saddam after the Second Gulf War , hitting the qanat system for ancient city of Bam with laser beams, causing ultimately a deadly, 6.6 surface quake killing over 25,000 Iranians. By this time, this covert weapon had gained bipartisan presidential support. President Clinton had used it in 1999 to punish Turkey’s Bulent Ecevic in NATO for providing Yugoslavia’s Slobodan Milosovic with its bombing targets during the campaign to get it to withdraw from Kosovo, resulting in the quake in Izmit near its nuclear generating plant which started his political decline as its leader, and the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade for acting as a conduit of military information for the Serbian leader.

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) which designed, and saw to the production of such missiles that it had replaced the National Security Agency aka No Such Agency as the government’s most powerful, secret organization. It had so much cash that it built a new headquarters in Vienna, Virginia without congressional knowledge or approval. It allowed the apparent murder of a too nosy, security guard, Tina Rocca, to go too unreported and rectified. It was so desirous of publicizing its accomplishments that it made a shoulder patch for NRO employees, entitled “We Own The Night”, showing black and white satellites circumventing the globe as radar and SIGINT sources of power and intelligence.

This pushing the prowess of the Air Force forced the troubled US Navy to join the fray for similar resources. In return for US aid, Iran agreed to IAEA inspection of its nuclear sites. After many weapons and personnel problems with finishing the latest attack sub, USS Jimmy Carter, it was rushed to completion. Before it had even been commissioned, it was sent off from New London by its CNO Vern Clark by a rousing speech in the fall of 2004 on an unexplained secret mission which would only end four months later. Seems that it finally reached the Auckland Islands, southwest of New Zealand, in December, and had its noise lasers trigger a quake which broke the Indian-Australian plate off from the Antarctic one just after Christmas, causing a bigger one a few days later off Indonesia’s Aceh which triggered those massive tsunamis around the Indian Ocean which Joe Vialls claimed was the result of a nuclear explosion, killing around 250,000, mostly Muslims. The USS Carter then returned, “flying the broom”, an unprecedented sign of a great victory over the enemy in wartime as it entered its home port.

This ended the revenge attacks in response to Al-Qaeda’s suicide bombings on 9/11, and covert government had to find a new rational for continuing the war. Man-made earthquakes and tsunamis, though less devastating than nuclear weapons, were still too powerful, and could not be arranged everywhere, though they still had a role to play as Robert Gate’s parting gift from the Pentagon to China demonstrated in May 2008 with that destruction of its scientific facilities in mountainous Sichuan by a most unexpected quake, and the collapse of the anti-American New Democracy government in Japan followed the Tohoku quake and tsunami led the the Fukushima disaster. Still, A more limited,controllable means was needed to fight America’s wars with its enemies.

While man-made quakes could cut down potential enemies to size, they could be made to look like they were more powerful, even existent, than they were. If quakes could be made to look like natural occurrences, they could be claimed too to be nuclear tests, especially if the perpetrator had powerful instruments to spread such propaganda while the target had little means to. Moreover, it would spread fear of nuclear annihilation among populations while getting them to go along with more covert ones to prevent them.

The outline to the pivot to Asia is contained in Thomas Reed and Danny Stillman’s The Nuclear Express where the 9/11 attacks are made out to be the precursor of now nuclear ones, especially by rogue North Korea. The source of the claims is from captured Pakistani physicist A. Q. Khan who confessed about how he helped get Iran and Libya obtain centrifuges and plans for making nuclear weapons, and North Korea is covertly going wild with the intelligence after the U. S. State Department had named them and others as “state sponsors of terrorism” in 2002, though the North had done nothing about it up until then, though there was no mention of any earthquakes at all in the book, and who and what might have been causing them.

In the book’s chronology, it makes the case that North Korea, and somewhat less its sponsor China, is the one to worry about. In 2004. Khan confessed,
there was a worldwide nuclear network, managed by him, which has been selling nuclear technology to it and other rogue states (p. 379). Three years later, North Korea at the Six Power Talks suggested that it may close down its nuclear program when the previous year it had already exploded a low- grade bomb covertly. The basis for this claim was the report by seismological sources that North Korea had suffered a 4 .3 earthquake on the Richter scale on October 9, 2006 around where its nuclear test site is located.

The same conflation of quakes into tests occurred during the ones on May 25, 2009, February 12, 2013, January 6,2018, and September second the same year, and they became a a debatable bit stronger. And, of course, North Korea didn’t have a clue about what was causing the quakes, and was happy to go along claims that it was becoming nuclear stronger. It even publicly destroyed a reactor’s nuclear cooling-tower at the Yongbyon site in 2008 to show that it couldn’t be conducting underground tests without experiencing a Fukushima disaster of its own.

The Nuclear Express concluded that it was up to the next President, Obama at the time, and Trump now, to prevent it from coming off the rails without any serious explanation of why it risked happening.



Glimspes of America's Man-Made Disasters

The Unsolved Murder of Yale Student Suzanne Jovin‏

23 01 2015

   Getting Away With Suzanne Jovin’s Murder Was Osama Bin Laden’s Biggest Coup:
Helps Explain His Own Belated Murder And The  Disposal Of His Body At Sea

Trowbridge Ford

While almost everyone has heard now of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, it was certainly not the case a generation ago.  Terrorism was essentially an intrastate problem where some religious or ethnic group was having to deal with an autocracy, particularly ones created by collapsing empires, especially Russia’s.

This condition started to change radically in the wake of the Lockerbie disaster when Muammar Gaddafi and various Muslims called for a holy war against the West in response. To divert attention away from London and Washington because of its fallout from trying to blame their assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme for a,non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War with the Soviets, they  contrived to blame Libya for the disaster, and it responded in kind.

Given this inter-state confrontation, Osama contrived to make it look like the Muslim Brotherhood, headed by blind cleric Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, was behind the 1993 truck bombing  of New York’s World Trade Center (WTC) when it really was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was because he soon became Al Qaeda’s operations chief.  The truck bombing probably would have brought down the WTC if the bomb has been placed just a bit closer to the main support of the North Tower.

For Western ignorance in all this, read expert Mark Riebing’s Wedge: The Secret War Between The FBI and CIA, and Mark Urban’s, UK Eyes Alpha, noting that there is no mention of Osama, Al Qaeda, and Sheikh Khalid in all this.

In light of this near triumph, Osama decided to take out Gaddafi’s regime, using another surrogate, its Islamic Fighting Group aka as FIG – what Britain’s frustrated operators in covert government, particularly MI6 aka SIS, had been pining for ever since Margaret Thatcher’s self-inflicted fall.  They were most eager to recruit leaders in IFG as double agents and fund their operations, especially those of TUNWORTH apparently aka Abu Ahmed Khattala and/ Abu Anas Al-libi aka Al-Liby.

There is no question that Al-Liby is TUNWORTH to start with, as Annie Machon identified him as such in her book,  Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers, in its Index, p. 383 – what the censors overlooked when they obliged her to black out his name in the text.  About what he would achieve in their efforts to assassinate Gaddafi, Machon listed obtaining vast Libyan funds to fund Al Qaeda terrorism like the 9/11 attacks, control and destabilize world oil prices, and not only an increased ability to attack Israel security, but also that of the world at large.  (p. 283)

Fortunately, the assassination attempt in February-March 1996 near Sirte failed because the IFG terrorists attacked the wrong vehicle, but its organizers still considered it a success because MI6’s TUNWORTH had somehow managed to escape in James Bond fashion – what was important because it allowed him secretly to work for friend and foe alike. Britain improved his capability by allowing him to escape from where he lived in Manchester, conveniently finding all kinds of terrorist equip,meant there after his departure. He and all his associates, like the 9/11 suicide bombers, had no  trouble entering and leaving the USA whenever they wanted because they were not on any watch list.

The leaking by the former MI5 agent, especially about the actions by her former lover, MI6 agent David Shayler, abruptly ended there, the rest of the book devoted to their troubles in leaking these details and others to authorities and the media.  While the IFG was licking its wounds from the joint assassination attempt on the Libyan leader’s life, there is nothing about the IFG’s car bomb attacks on the US Embassies in Nairobi and Dars es Salaam in early August 1998. The attacks were intended to show that Al Qaeda and its associates were again focused on hitting targets in Africa, and impeachment-plagued President Clinton took the bait, hitting with missiles locations where Osama was allegedly located in Afghanistan, and a drug factory in the Sudan, allegedly making poison weapons for him.

By this time, Gaddafi had learned what was afoot, and had gotten in February 1998 Interpol to release an arrest warrant for Osama for the killing by the IFG of two German agents n Sirte in 1994, and tried to show that he had done his best in disarming TUNWORTH   by having Libyan TV announce on November 25th that Abdullah Radwan, a partner of the IFG’s leader Abu Abdullah Sadig, was TUNWORTH. He had been identified by film attacking Gaddafi for money from Britain, and had died during the attack or shortly thereafter.

This created a most delicate situation for Al Qaeda.  Khalid was most afraid that any unexpected reports, especially about his scouts Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Mohammed Atta, would tip off Washington that Al Qaeda was again looking into destroying the WTC.  The IFG was opposed to using Al-Liby because he was allegedly dead, and any report to the contrary would force the CIA to break the “third party’ rule about it, forcing  the FBI to investigate where he was, and what he was doing. As a result, the IFG , it seems, selected Khattala, another plotter in the embassy bombings, to take his place as its leading assassin.

It is here that Suzanne Jovin, a Yale senior who was looking to advance her career after graduation. She and several of her classmates, particularly Dalia Hochman, took the Graduate Record Exam, in the early fall, and they both were surprised by how irrelevant it was about what was going on in the world, especially acts of terrorism like the Lockerbie disaster, its blowback, the bomb attack on the WTC, and the growing violence in the UK by both sides – what they also found in the literature they had been studying for it, like the books by Riebling and Urban. Consequently, they started identifying their inadequacies in the hope of coming up with possible topics for their senior theses.

Jovin selected Osama bin Laden, and started questioning faculty and students about him – and soon infiltrated its Muslim Student Association, and she learned from most revealing leaks that he was again in the process of attacking the WTC and other important buildings in Washington, only this time he was going to use hijacked airliners by suicide bombers.  These leaks explain why she was changing the drafts of her thesis for her supervisor, James van de Velde, and why she was looking for the books that she and Hochman had been critically analyzing on the night she was murdered.  It seems she was picked up on Prospect Street on the basis of the false story of where they could be found, only to be taken to the site where she was brutally murdered, apparently by Khattala.

The police and intelligence community did not investigate it in a way it deserved, waiting for those who knew about it, particularly Hochman, and those who witnessed it to solve it for them.

Its success was almost immediately demonstrated by Clinton, who was most concerned about what was going on, ordering another missile strike in Afghanistan in the hope of finally killing Osama, but it failed.

“In the spring of 1999, bin Laden and his  chief… worked out a plan to bring their war to the doorstep of the enemy.  Using large commercial airliners, they would in one swoop bring mass destruction to America’s financial, political and military centers…” (Quoted from James Bamford, The Shadow Factory, p. 11.)

The biggest sufferer over her murder, besides, of course, her parents, was Dalia whose life became such a nightmare that she gave up any plans presented to continue in international relations, and forgot all she could about her years at Yale and New Haven.

Osama, by now Al Qaeda’s figurehead, was only killed in  May 2011 just after Leon Panetta, the retiring Director of Central Intelligence, was moving to the the Pentagon.  Panetta did not want anyone to know how badly he dropped the ball when Jovin was assassinated when he was Clinton’s Chief of Staff.

He was much more interested in killing me for complaining about the White House’s most favorable treatment of Nixon, former DCI Richard Helms, and Al ‘Deep Throat’ Haig than the murderers of Suzanne.



Meteor over San Fransico (NBC) – Part of Reagan’s STAR WARS??

16 02 2013

ENE-News –  NBC: Meteor fireball reported over San Francisco Bay Area — Clearly visible on Doppler radar (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Recall US president Ronald Reagan extolled (illegal) space war technology in his famous Star Wars speech.

At the time the US has an enormous surplus under the Clinton administration. Then it looks like all the surplus went down a rabbit hole. Did it go into black ops, NRO space war projects and the propaganda programs to promote them? =POOF!= Surplus gone.

Think of the flu warnings/scare put forward  by big pharma investors and x-presidents. They tout worldwide ‘flu vulnerability’ and along comes bird ‘flu’ then H1N1 (that first appeared at a Latin American conference Obama and Chavez attended) and other mega-flus a year or two after that. And a pre-packaged “solution” is offered that happens to greatly enrich those calling the alarm 1-2 years in advance.

This is playing out in the same way with meteor  ‘invasion’.

A year or two ahead some big think tank and war-profiteer science geeks claim the world is suddenly at risk from in-coming meteors or asteroids. They do not disclose for decades the US has secretly launched innumerable (illegal) space weapons to orbit Earth or go into deep space.  They have an unlimited black budget to do what they want.

Oh, wow — suddenly — a very unlikely, space attack. Meteors! Asteroids! Gee … we need to SPEND MORE MONEY ON SPACE to fix it!

See – Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters for details.


Former British agent set to expose new intelligence boss’s role in infiltration of IRA

11 11 2012

The Observer   [earlier report]

By Jamie Doward

In the back streets of Belfast, Jonathan Evans, the new director-general of MI5, was known as ‘Bob’ to the agents who fed him crucial information that helped lead to the downfall of the IRA.

He cut his teeth in the murky world of bombings, kneecappings and disinformation, where a bad decision could cost the life of an agent or allow a terrorist bomb to reach its target. . . .

. . .  NOW this big fight over outing MI5 goons in a big public trial –

‘Bob’ to be subpoenaed in Fulton case

[snip] . . .  Fulton’s lawyers claim the security service promised him a pension and a new identity. He already has a number of FRU members who have pledged to give evidence corroborating his claims. Last December, the judge hearing the case in the High Court in Belfast ruled that Fulton could call any witness who can provide evidence as to his value as an undercover agent. The Observer understands Fulton’s solicitors will subpoena Evans after their client identified him in the newspapers last week, following the spy chief’s promotion.  . . .

with comment by Trowbridge H. Ford

” . . . .  And regarding ‘MI’s claims about the FRU saving Gerry Adams on several occasions, no one should believe a word of it.
Take the one about the doctored ammunition, for example, where 20 bullets were fired, and Adams was hit four times, as I recall. They penetrated the man’s body, and if the shooting had not been stopped, and Adams rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, he would have died. Furthermore, the leading assassin John Gregg never mentioned any doubts about the ammo, only regret that he had not killed Adams.   . . . “

oh, and all you sue-happy assassins bugging bloggers over this story:

we invoke  the doctrine of “fair use”. The doctrine of fair use has been codified in section 107 of the copyright law.

Thread on Craig Murray’s website discussed William Hershkovitz and the Saad al-Hilli family shooting outside Annecy gets site shut down.

15 10 2012

By Trowbridge H. Ford

The really important thing to realize about the coverups, and Craig Murray’s problems is that he started a thread about the French conspiracy assassination, being fairly assured by his intelligence sources that the Brits had no interest in Saad al-Hilli, and nothing to do with his killing, his wife, mother-in-law, and French scientist Sylvain Mollier, just wondering if he was not the target of the attacks.

In sum, he was interested, either honestly or dishonestly, in helping see that it was pinned on others, most likely the Israelis and French.

Things went fine on Murray’s thread until American lapsed-Jew and pottery maker, William Hershkovitz, went on the rampage in Eilat, Israel, after his boss, Arab-Israeli Armando al-Abed, started questioning him about his joining the Jewish Agency for Israel’s program, Iranim, and wondering if he had had something to do with the shooting outside Annecy.

The dispute in the kitchen of the Leonardo Club soon became a real problem, especially since Hershkovitz was still hoping to become a permanent agents of the Mossad, and complaining about dreams where he killed everybody – what normal people would consider nightmares, and wonder what he had been doing.

The managers of Iranim tried to still the dispute by transferring him to another hotel in the program, but Hershkovitz would not agree, resulting in his killing al-Abed on Friday morning after he wrestled away a pistol from a security guard.

To reduce the risk of blow-back, Israeli counterterrorists were instructed to kill Hershkovitz who was then holed up in the kitchen, and could have been smoked out by patient authorities.  The reason why it was not done was because an alive Hershkovitz threatened to expose it all if charged with al-Abed’s murder.

The only risk now was that someone would make the connection between what happened at Eilat, and in France outside Annecy – what I did on Murray’s thread, and, of course, it threw all the plotters of the six murders into a panic.  Murray’s service provider, a Dutch one which was legally induced to prevent any disclosures at Israel’s expense, shut down his site.

Then the securocrats, apparently the American ones who had provided Hershkovitz for the kidon, realized that shutting down Murray’s site would provide proof that he had been involved in the conspiracy, so an American provider in San Francisco took up the site, and Murray was obliged to lie about the hiatus, claiming that it was the result of Columbus Day being celebrated on Monday  in California, and that there was no hint of any conspiracy here.

Of course, posters on his site did everything that could help out, ones on the apology thread attacking others in any kind of way as he had suggested, and the continuing thread about the killings in France being directed more and more into a dead end with my claims about the connections between the two multiple murders being lost in the spam.

See Also:  How French Counterterrorists Improved On Breivik’s Cockup To Make Muslims Look Like Growing Threats by Trowbridge H. Ford

America’s Secret Wars Among Its Intelligence Agencies Since NSA’s Inception

6 09 2012

By Trowbridge H. Ford

Why Relations Despite the Scandals Didn’t Change Much between Watergate and the 9/11 Bombings 

The 9/11 attacks gave the FBI its biggest black eye in its history. While it had been starved of intelligence about the planned suicide bombing, and cut out of any response because of the belated disclosure of the spying by agent Robert Hanssen for the Soviets for fear that it would somehow be leaked, the Bureau was still in the process of handing over the new leadership to Robert Mueller – delegating the domestic response to any such problems to the CIA which was most eager to regain the lead in the country’s response to terrorism anywhere.  Without any really important National Security Agency (NSA) intercepts of the messages the suicide bombers were exchanging in preparation for the attacks, the FBI had little chance of connecting the signal intelligence dots of what was afoot, especially since it had forced the retirement of its leading counter-terrorist spook, John O’Neill.(1) The planned response was, consequently, most ham-fisted with fifteen unarmed CIA agents, under the direction of Solicitor General Ted Olson’s wife Barbara, it seems,  trying to play copper with the 19 hijackers when they were dedicated to killing everyone they could, especially themselves.  The only reason that the Bureau wasn’t blamed more for the fiasco was because its causes were not easily discernible.(2)
The root of the problem went back to the NSA’s near paranoia about anyone without a need to know, knowing of its very existence, much less its product, particularly since Director J. Edgar Hoover would not provide cover for its work. It had been that way since its inception, and it only got worse when it was caught out in the Watergate scandal, thanks to the investigation of Frank Church’s Senate Intelligence Committee, that it had been eavesdropping illegally on private individuals through telecommunication companies for any information which might be relevant for it and any related agencies doing that work fully.  “Pushed by Church,” James Bamford has written in Body of Secrets, “the committee voted to make its report public – over NSA’s vehement objections, and to the greatest displeasure of its Republican members.” (p. 439)  In the process, its Director, General Lew Allen was forced to resign, and the agency was obliged to live with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which made any such eavesdropping illegal, being now required to obtain a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court if it wanted to listen to the communications of American citizens and permanent residents within the United States.
Of course, this made NSA the Bureau’s official master in domestic matters, as it was expected to get some kind of input from the Bureau before any domestic eavesdropping. This restriction was impossible for NSA to maintain, given its worldwide capability to tap micro-wave messages, and to eavesdrop on what was going on in foreign embassies when it came to American residents.  While the problem only surfaced when important Americans were involved, it was responsible for an increased sense of paranoia within the agency, leading its leadership constantly to be concerned about possible leaks.  This was best illustrated when Vice Admiral Bobby Ray Inman was Director, going wild when the media, especially The New York Times, leaked information about Illinois Congressman Edward Derwinski being investigated for tipping off South Korean officials that its top spook in New York was about to defect by NSA monitoring his calls to Seoul (ibid.,October 27, 1977 issue), and President Carter’s brother, Billy, was working as a business agent for´Gadaffi’s Libyan government, aka Billygate, in the same fashion. (Bamford, pp. 380-1)
To avoid such embarrassment and controversy, future Directors became even more secretive and  most devious about what was going on.  NSA Director Air Force
General Lincoln Faurer, Inman’s successor, become so concerned about details leaking out about Reagan’s covert government intruding into Swedish waters that he had Airman David Helmer defect to Stockholm in February 1984 so that there would be no paper trail about what his mission was. Hemler had a top-secret clearance, and was stationed in Augsburg, Germany in its elite 6913 Electronic Security Squadron which knew all about signal intelligence communication in the Baltic,  He told Swedish security what he apparently knew about what had been going on  – what reinforced what statsminister Olof Palme’s opponents, particularly Conservative Party leader Carl Bildt, had engaged in, especially sending the previous October a most provocative diplomatic note about it to Moscow. (3) Faurer added to the ruse by having John Lehman’s US Navy send more attack submarines into the area to keep the ploy going.(4)
When Faurer learned, though, that the Reagan administration was serious about using it in a non-nuclear showdown with Moscow to end the Cold War at Sweden’s expense, he resigned, only to be replaced by a more hard-line, covert operator, Army Lieutenant General William Odom. He had served as NSA Zbig Brzezinski’s military assistant during the Carter administration, and was most noted for wanting to roll back Soviet power and influence across the board. Odom was obsessed by the potential leaking of NSA secrets by its personnel, earning the sobriquet Captain Queeg among his subordinates, and even considered the President to be the biggest offender by divulging its secrets in covert operations.
Little wonder that when Ollie North wanted to do this in spades while working for Reagan NSA Bud McFarlane that Odom gave him what help he could to achieve the task.
Odom ordered John Wobensmith of its Information Systems Security Directorate to give North whatever help he needed, including two of its KY-40 scramblers.- what he did without North having to sign a receipt for having gotten them. The lap-top computers contained “…secure encryption chips so that he and his fellow conspirators could communicate secretly via e-mail while traveling.” (Bamford, p. 391) An additional benefit was that it would be carried on without NSA having a clue about what was happening. The lap-tops were the crucial component of North’s “FLASH” communication network would get round all the red tape required by official institutions, and permit his operatives to do missions like capturing the Palestinian terrorists who killed Leon Klinghofer on board the Achille Lauro (5) to making Palme pay with his life for having stopped the transfer of arms for Tehran in exchange for the release of American hostages held by Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Of course, when Palme was assassinated, but the Soviets were not shown to have apparently done it, thanks to Moscow having been tipped off about the set up by the spies it had developed, and the countermeasures it had taken against any surprises triggering the planned non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War, all kinds of considerations became sensitive, and then alarming when Iran-Contra began unravelling.  It was then that Director Odom became particularly worried about using information NSA had about Libya’s alleged bombing of La Belle discotheque in West Berlin on April 5, 1986 for a retaliatory attack on Gaddafi’s capital Tripoli for fear that it would lead to what had happened in Stockholm the previous February 28th. Then when the C-123 carrying arms for the Contras was shot down over Nicaragua in the fall, the concerns resulted in murders of dangerous participants or their being forgotten about, especially the spies still unrevealed, destruction of key evidence about the plots, and defusing damaging evidence by rendering its sources immune from prosecution – what required the most strenuous efforts by the NSA and others.
The strain was immediately demonstrated when North put the highest priority on destroying incriminating evidence.  He was shedding all the evidence he could lay his hands on in his office and that of the National Security Council, only to have his former boss, McFarlane, remind him of an even more important chore: “I hope to daylights that someone has been purging the NSA files on this episode.” (6)  This problem was greatly complicated by the fact that NSA had not given North’s people just two KY.40 scamblers but fifteen KL-43 encryption devices whose codes had been changed every month, and had recorded everything they transmitted.The prospect of retrieving all the devices, and discovering what was within them made the possibility of what had really gone on most remote. In addition, the PROF notes between North and the new NSA Admiral John Poindexter about the operation were destroyed, but they had been copied by the agency’s computer system, and were ultimately discovered.
Then there was all kinds of intercepts that NSA had normally collected from around the world. The fleet of attack submarines, especially the Parche, SSN-683, which had been moving into position to sink Soviet hunter and boomer subs, once they started moving into launch position after the surprise assassination of Sweden’s statsminster had occurred –  had created a vast amount of communications which would become really troublesome if the real cause of Iran-Contra’s illegalities came into focus. The double agents that the CIA had developed in the USSR during Operation Courtship to pin the set up on Moscow would become serious if any investigators suspected so. Also there was all the data which had been collected by the monitoring device that technician spy TAW had placed on the KGB communication center southward of Moscow, and what operation ABSORB disclosed about the movement of ICBMs along the Trans-Siberian railroad in preparation for a first strike upon America.(7)  
Then Director Odom tried to pin the blame on Wobensmith for North’s people having the KY-40 lap-tops. Wobensmith claimed that Odom was so positive about helping that he did not even make North sign receipts when receiving them. Two years later, Wobensmith was suspended without pay for fifteen days by a NSA superior because of the oversight. and not instructing North how to properly use them, but an appeals board recommended that it be reversed and Webensmith reimbursed for his legal fees – what incensed Odom. “He believed that Wobensmith was responsible for casting the agency into the public spotlight, a rare and unforgivable sin in NSA’s secret city.”(Bamford, p.391).  As a result, he only received $1,229 for his legal fees, and was demoted in rank.
By scapegoating Wobensmith, Odom made it easier for the agency to keep Special Counsel Walsh investigating Iran-Contra at arm’s length. While Walsh  was finally able to obtain over 100,000 pages of classified documents to begin trying defendants in the conspiracy, their success depended largely upon their use in the trail – what NSA General Counsel Elizabeth Rinskopf doggedly opposed.  “Her concern was not only the preservation of intelligence sources, but also the protection of her agency from embarrassment.” (Bamford, p. 176) She insisted, for example, that McFarlane’s message to North in his PROf notes, about wanting the NSA traffic files purged, be redacted. More important, Walsh had to resort to various expedients to hide NSA being the source of information most germane to successful prosecutions of the conspiracy and diversion charges in North’s indictment, but Attorney General Richard Thornburgh refused to go along with the scheme – what Bamford, by then the author of The Puzzle Palace about NSA, surprisingly explained on national TV was required to maintain its secret intelligence capability.
With NSA’s role in Iran-Contra being effectively covered up, it was passed time for Odom to go, and he was replaced by Office of Naval Intelligence Director Vice Admiral William Studeman who was a soft-spoken copy of the former director.
 In taking leave, though, Odom could not restrain himself from leaking more secret information by comparing .the Agency with his agency:  “The CIA is good at stealing a memo off a prime minister’s desk, but they’re not much good at anything else.” (Quoted from Body…, p. 474.) This was obviously a reference to stealing Palme’s agenda in October 1985 for his scheduled meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in April 1986 – what allegedly included establishing a non-nuclear weapons zone in Scandinavia, and what was used by William Casey’s CIA to justify his assassination.  CIA resident in Stockholm Jennone Walker apparently got MI6 agent E. D.´Mack´ Falkirk in Oslo to steal the document. 
The only problem with the theft was that it did not trigger a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War at Palme’s expense – that was achieved by the Anglo-American leaders with Gorbachev themselves after the set up fizzled out because of countermeasures that Moscow took for the intended surprise, thanks to its spies around Washington.
During the next decade after the collapse of the USSR, the struggle within America’s intelligence community was plagued by ferreting out the spies, especially CIA’s Aldrich ‘Rick’ Ames, a process so damaging that it almost ended the Agency’s existence while the Bureau was increasingly taking the lead in fighting terrorism, even overseas, thanks to copper Louis Freeh becoming its Director, and the wake up call it had received because of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993. The impact on NSA was devastating because of the continuous reduction of its enormous size, and a peacetime mission in a growing world economy, as Air Force Director General Kenneth Minihan discovered. The Bureau went wild on fishing trips with NSA intercepts to find foreign companies which were engaging in illegal activities at the expense of legitimate American business.  While Minihan gave the impression that he was a great promoter of agency transparency, he ran a very tight organization.
While Miniham’s replacement, Air Force Lieutenant General Michael Hayden, had great plans for reforming NSA so its operators and funders could be happier about its performance, everything was put on hold to clear the air until the 9/11 attacks surprised everyone – making a bad situation much worse. A cause of the delay was the most belated discovery that Bureau’s Special Agent Robert Hanssen had been another spy like the Agency’s Ames – what Director Freeh compounded by immediately resigning, leaving the FBI naked to its enemies.(8) 
DCI George Tenet cut the Bureau out of having anything to do in subduing the suspected hijackers of the four planes while its agents in the field were increasingly having trouble connecting the dots in all its criminal investigations.(9) Moreover, the NSA did not accept Rick Taylor’s recommendation about implementing his system called Thinthread which would allow it to see the head notes of foreign e-mails entering the States while the Bureau was forced by the FISA court to keep its data gathering more separated from its criminal investigations.(10)
The results would be the 9/11 disasters where both the failings of the Bureau and NSA would be paramount, but this time the FBI was more exposed in the fallout, and would resort to more drastic attempts to fix it, as we shall see in the concluding article.       
1. For more, see this link:
2. For a more complete explanation, see Trowbridge H. Ford, “The Prelude: US Intelligence – 11 September 2001, Eye Spy magazine, Issue Eight 2002, pp. 26-33.
3. Svenska Dagbladet, April 27, 1983.
4. For more about this, see the awards that the US Navy’s submarines received during 1984 and 198 in Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew, Blind’s Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, p. 426.
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