Canadastan brings secret charges against trucker convoy’s Pat King 🍁

20 04 2022

Sputnik – 

“On Tuesday, Pat King was charged with three counts of perjury and obstruction of justice following a testimony he gave last week, the details of which are being withheld from the public by a publication ban, the report said. In addition to the charges presented on Tuesday, King faces an additional ten charges for his involvement in the protest he helped organize earlier this year.”



Witness the erasure of the whole Freedom Convoy in Canada from all MSM outlets.

Twitter is hiding all supportive messages about Pat King
(see for yourself: try #patking on twitter).
is filling search results with only MSM “reports” on the persecution of this outspoken man.

It looks like no one attended a mask mandate protest in Canada, there were no truckers convoys and Canadians love Trudeau.


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Trudeau 🍁 bludgeoned – rescinds dictatorship







Trudeau 🍁 bludgeoned – rescinds dictatorship

23 02 2022

Trudeau discontinues Emergencies Act

Canadian Prime Minister has revoked the controversial order that had given the government sweeping powers to crack down on mandate protesters





Canada police target the press, live streamers in Ottawa during brutal action 🍁

20 02 2022

Starting overnight Saturday to today, police appear to want no global witnesses to their crimes.

We first saw streamer, ZOT arrested (posted in comments earlier).


Then they came up the shed and stopped that news coverage –


So we looked at all the streamers we’ve been counting on for live coverage and all of them went dark over 6 hours ago. So we got some recent clips from twitter –

The world is watching Canada!

Canada’s dictator can count on the compliant US media for help covering up his crimes –

This might be decided after  the weekend –

Group involved in Ottawa protest asks court to halt federal use of Emergencies Act


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