6.5M Quake Hits Sumatra – on west side

1 06 2016


Reuters – Magnitude 6.5 quake felt off Indonesia’s Sumatra: USGS

Details: RSOE Report | Map

It is near Kerinci volcano. About 60 miles away.

NO TSUNAMI – says the region website.
tidak berpotensi TSUNAMI” means “no potential TSUNAMI


Down in Central America – Peru is going off!


PeruQuakes6116bThe volcanoes on the maps are not active ones. The big one everyone’s watching in up north in Costa Rica. The Turrialba volcano.

RSOE Area Map

Volcanoes Go Off Like a String of Firecrackers in Central America

20 05 2016

volcano99  COSTA RICA – Turrialba Volcano erupts MAP

volcano99 GUATEMALA – Santa Maria Volcano erupts

volcano99 GUATEMALA – Fuego Volcano erupts with many explosions

Check the RSOE MAP for more volcanoes. They show larger quakes (5M range on US scale) marching toward Japan from the north.


5.2 quake up near that 4.1 quake on the map