Reminder, The NRC and TEPCO LIED TO THE WORLD about that explosion at Fukushima. 100% of the spent fuel in Unit 4 was released – NRC doc.

12 06 2018

Liars, the US NRC says nothing to worry about at Fukushima, it’s all harmless etc. etc. when their own document said, early on, 100% of the spent fuel went at unit 4.

The day before the date of this doc the NRC told Americans in Japan they were safe if they were 50 miles away from Fukushima Daiichi NPP.  50 miles – with 100% of Unit 4’s stored fuel rods blown sky high! 

ENE-News was right, when they reported “Entire nuclear core ejected into environment” in 2016.

We found this NRC report on The Millennium Report FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR DISASTER: Much Worse Than Even The Worst Case Scenario Reported. The NRC report was written just 2 weeks after the tsunami hit Japan and the coastal nuke plants lost power to keep cooling water going. Page 8 has the damning admission about the spent fuel.

In April, just over a month after the meltdowns, the world press was busy lying about Unit 4’s spent fuel. Even though the NRC knew the horse was out of the barn, idiotic clap-trap like this Business Insider story appeared – Level 7 — Fukushima Vs Chernobyl — How Do They Really Compare?

” This would mean that the potential(sic) for a very large atmospheric release of as much as 250 tons of radioactive fuel material sitting in that [Unit 4] pond could then not be discounted.”

And from the same rag – this drivel put out to calm Wall Streeters just days after the tsunami:

“Very few, if any of the actual stories are as dire as the headlines suggest. When we’re talking about 23 people getting decontaminated and an evacuation region of 12 miles there is no reason to overreact.”

On the last page of this document (linked from the ENE-News article above), “Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami Station Blackout Accident” it shows the page 8 item from the NRC report we are discussing here. All of the “insiders” knew about the Unit 4 mega-disaster.
A chart from P.66:


Thanks to and for the document. – FC

Alt. Link to “Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami Station Blackout Accident” –


TEPCO’s Loose Rules on Reporting Water Contamination at Wrecked Nuke Plants’ Site

13 01 2017

TEPCO hands charts and stats on water decontamination efforts (flood control) to NISA using only SIMULATED data. No real facts handed in.



Night work:



UNIT 1 time-lapse video from Oct. 31st, 2016 — before the recent giant earthquakes (M9 etc.). This is the last time they posted film.


UNIT 4 LIVE CAM – (the unit they claim is all rebuilt and safe in faked news reports)

Nov. 28, 2016 – Reactor 1 happenings –


Dec. 6, 2016 – oddly swing crane –


TODAY – There was a 4.5M quake less than 30 miles away from Fukushima Diachi and Diani nuke plant/ruins. MAP


Did Reactor 2 Collapse ? Massive Earthquake By 4 Melted Reactors


Jan. 4 – 3 Quakes Shake Fukushima Nuke Ruins

Dec. 28, 2016 – 9M Fukushima Quake – 6.3 (on Japan Seismo Scale of 7 )

And WHO from officialdom is looking at the post-quake rad damage? nobody

Unofficial Strontium Milks has this new report:



Proof: Worst Case Scenario at Fukushima Already Played Out – Stontium Milks

21 08 2016

We will reap the whirlwind.


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Fukushima SPF 4 had Fire & Explosion Last Night – VIDEO of it < UPDATED

20 05 2014

Unit 4 has exploded, IT IS ON FIRE –  Kevin D. Blanch


Footage of it:



Story trickles up. Past the news media ban –
Zero Hedge – Caught On Camera: Fire At Fukushima?

ZOOM-IN Video:  Fukushima Fire Red Emissions at Unit 4 5 20 14


BREAKING NEWS: May 20 Fukushima fire and volcanic clouds of rad nanoparticles (hollow spheres)
By Leuren Moret
MAY 20: Probably a spent fuel pool fire – I predicted long ago (this smoke is not from Wigner effect dust, its from high temperatures turning spent fuel into gas and then quenching of gas from cooling air outside lowers T and hollow spheres form (condense). . .

What Unit 4 Really Looks Like

4 12 2013


From Michael Ruppert video

Fukushima Unit 4 hoax underway

24 11 2013

By Hatrick Penry


Earlier (Nov. 7) video of same topic


Fuel Rod Juggling Started Today at Fukushima

Fuel Rod Juggling Started Today at Fukushima

18 11 2013

US press talking about nutty Canadian mayor, of course . . . .