Did US cause the tsunami with undersea weapon?

28 07 2009

The Flying Cuttlefish is reading Trowbridge  Ford’s series on Crytome again ….



…….On December 23rd, a powerful air gun – lowered to the floor of the Pacific near the Macquarie and Auckland Islands, 800 kilometers southeast of Tasmania,  
Sea critters hate neo-cons

Sea critters hate neo-cons

and fired continuously into its sediment – caused an 8.1 earthquake, and two days later the anticipated masssive 9.2 quake occurred west of Indonesia’s Sumatra, wreaking havoc with its following tsunamis upon troublesome Aceh province, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and the Nicobar and Andaman Islands. Other Muslim hot spots, Malaysia and Myanmar, were only spared because Indonesia and Thailand respectively took the pounding intended for them.

Of course, the devastating numbers of drownings and deaths would have been far less if there had been an adequate warning system but there wasn’t and still isn’t one, though the Navy managed to warn its facilities, as far away its base at Diego Garcia, of the impending disaster. The tsumanis were the latest weapons in the Pentagon’s arsenal, it seems, killing nearly 300,000 potential Islamic troublemakers – what was always Wolfowitz’s aim since the ouster of Indonesia’s General Suharto….(more)