Bush-Era Admin lied about the USS San Francisco accident to distance its covert involvement with the 26 Dec 2004 9.3 quake offshore Sumatra.

25 09 2011

Found on Rense.com
“According to official reports, the USS San Francisco was involved in a high speed collision with an unexpected undersea terrain in the Caroline ridge area, 350 miles SE of her Guam base on 8 Jan 2005”.

How could the world’s most advanced and sophisticated navy commit such a terribly naive mistake of crashing into an uncharted sea mount? What was even more incredible is the fact that the multi-billion nuclear submarine was equipped with the state-of-the-art navigation, positioning and sonar detection systems, manned by an experienced crew and commanded by Cmdr. Kevin Mooney, a naval captain with 19 years of exemplary service. A rookie crew first time at sea and a commander out of the comedy movie “police academy” perhaps. But a submarine which had successfully completed all its previous missions with flying colours? They must really be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to come up with stories like that. . . (more)


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The article make much more sense if you read about the Indonesia tsunami and unusual US sub activity nearby in Towbridge H. Ford’s series in the prior post.

Man-Made(?) Earthquake & Tsunami Twighlight Zone

25 09 2011

This post is to place a few items we have on some huge recent natural disasters that may be not-so-natural in one post.

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 Virginia and Colorado quakes man-made?



from 2010

Earthquake Man Made?

Haiti Quake – man made? (MORE on it)



Trowbridge H. Ford’s intricate and concise series about geo-techtonic weapons, covert superpower wars and major recent man-made earthquakes and tsunamis is a must read.
 Many Fukushima observers like Leuren Moret have guessed at man-made origins of that disaster but Mr. Ford has a great many more details and technical facts supporting this view.

From PART 1 :
“While we now know that the spying for the Soviets by the CIA’s Rick Ames and the Bureau’s Robert Hanssen saved everyone’s skin, as I have described in many articles, the role of Morison in the process has not been told. His conviction was to reassure Moscow that any KH-11satellite which showed up over the Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol was just another photo reconnaissance one – what the Soviets would neutralize one way or another. Little did they realize that any new ones would also contain an airborne laser accelerator, feigning to be just a Magnum satellite – what could possibly cause massive earthquakes in the unstable area if necessary. As it circled over the area 15 times a day, it could make a devastating earthquake there in relatively little time at all.

The Red Banner Fleet submarine base at Balaklava – the site of the famous charge by the British Light Brigade in the Crimean War – was hewed out of a mountain in an area noted for its earthquakes. In nearby Yalta, the site of the famous agreement between the Allies in WWII, had experienced devastating earthquakes in 1927, and more were expected. The underground submarine pens and their connecting canals to the Black Sea were thought to be so inpregnable to atomic attacks that the Chinese had modeled a similar facility in its remote mountains of Zichan after the devastating earthquake at Tangshan in 1976 had destroyed its original atomic research facilities – what the Soviets, it seems, had caused in order to get the Red Chinese back in line. Moscow did not appreciate that continuous laser attacks around the Balaklava could cause a complete collapse, one so severe that it might swallow up the whole north coast of the Black Sea in a tsumani.”

Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters

by Trowbridge H. Ford

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