Earthquake in Turkey – Nature or NASA??

9 11 2011

this is 2 in a row . . .

Turkey earthquake kills three and leaves dozens trapped in rubble

More than 100 awaiting rescue as 20 buildings collapse, including two hotels and a school, after magnitude 5.7 quake

An earthquake in eastern Turkey has killed at least three people and left dozens more trapped under the rubble of two hotels, a school and other buildings

About 20 buildings collapsed after the magnitude 5.7 quake struck 16km (9 miles) south of the city of Van at 9:23pm (7:23pm GMT), TRT state television reported. . .  (more)

Compare these details with Trowbridge H. Ford’s piece on Man-Made Earthquakes created by the US military as part of the cold war –

Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters,  Part 7

While the National Reconnassaince Office (NRO) had pulled off the man-made earthquake around Muzaffarabad, Pakistan on October 8, 2005 without a hitch, the Bush administration still had to be worried about unexpected, damaging blowback, how to exploit the new openings, how to provide a few fallguys for what the real covert culprits had done, how to get rid of them in an orderly, unthreatening fashion, find suitable, accommodating replacements for them, and provide new cover for the most powerful space weapons, so that more mayhem could be conducted with the least suspicions by the media and the public about what was really going on. In sum, it was time to make for a clean slate on the covert front so that more beneficial disaster capitalism could occur.

As soon as the Recontruction Conference on Pakistan in November 2005 showed that the United States was most pleased with Pervey Mushrarraf’s settlement of its laser-caused earthquake – opening up its territories bordering on Afghanistan to American covert operations – the Bush administration replaced acting Air Force Secretary Peter Geren, the Pentagon’s all-purpose fixer, by Michael Wynne.  . . .

. . . In this context, Naomi Klein’s latest, comprehensive survey of disaster capitalism, The Shock Doctrine, appeared, and covert planners were most relieved to see that it had grown very little in its basic character, and in its coverage. The role of satellites, especially laser-equipped satellites and submarines in their making, and their possible use on countries like Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and those around the Indian Ocean were never even alluded to. In fact, they, outside of Sri Lanka, were never even seriously mentioned in the whole process.

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Turkey earthquake in Van – Man-Made???

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Turkey earthquake in Van – Man-Made???

23 10 2011

It is not far fetched to view today’s tragedy in Van, Turkey as being another product of the United States’ NRO  ( National Reconnaissance Office)  group.

As pointed out in the series posted here, “Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters”  by CIA analyst  Trowbridge H. Ford, there exists already the method for causing earthquakes in Turkey and Iran using space technology targeted at middle eastern aquifer systems.

Letting a super power off the hook after repeatedly committing acts of genocide and culture-cide  through advanced weapons, mercenaries and stooge-kingpins is going to reap the whirlwind soon. Not all of these secret programs are so secret anymore.

We will put up another item today of interest to those who follow the devilish doings of the NRO. It explains just how the US  fabricates  earthquakes using space-age weapons.

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