6 11 2019


Mystery Molecule in your Baby’s Shots?

2 01 2019

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Streamed live on Dec 20, 2018

Multistreaming with NEW REVELATIONS REIGNITE CDC FRAUD CA Flu Data Exonerates Unvaxxed; Shocking Twist in Italy’s Vaccine Revolution; Del Gets Cracked, with Billy DeMoss #CDC#CDCWhistleblower#TheHighWire#Vaccines#Chiropractic#CalJam#FluShot#BobSears#Vaxxed

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Who Owns Your Body?

5 07 2016



Who Owns Your Body?

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Vaccine Guarantee for California Parents

10 06 2016

Presented by VAXXED –
Physician Vaccine Acknowledgement and Guarantee Agreement


“Andy, Polly, and Del asked their lawyers to draw up a form that parents facing mandatory vaccination laws, such as SB277, can use. Because neither doctors nor vaccine manufacturers are liable for any damage caused by vaccinating a child, this form requests that the doctor take responsibility for any vaccine damage that may occur. Since the doctor insists (along with the CDC, the FDA, and the drug companies) that these mandatory vaccines are safe, (s)he should be willing to take responsibility for any damage resulting to your child. If the doctor refuses, you can ask why. If she or he says it’s because they don’t want to be liable for damage, they are admitting the vaccines are not safe. You can then ask them to sign a medical exemption for the vaccines. Andy, Polly, and Del ask that you film this exchange with your doctor and share it with Vaxxed.”


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What Media Hid in De Niro Autism Film Affair

9 06 2016


F. William Engdahl
June 8, 2016

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a former British gastro-enterologist and vaccine researcher has been fully exonerated of the charges that he, together with a world renowned pediatric gastroenterologist, Prof. John Walker-Smith, conducted fraudulent tests with children that raised the possibility of a link between the popular MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and onset of autism and other severe symptoms. Most remarkable is the fact that despite his de facto exoneration in a British Court more than four years ago, in 2012, mainstream media in the UK and the USA have chosen to deliberately ignore the fact. They did so to hide the explosive content of Wakefield’s film, Vaxxed.

This past April, Hollywood actor and founder of the Tribeca film festival, Robert de Niro, announced in an interview to the New York Times that he had personally arranged for a new documentary film, Vaxxed, about…

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On autism specialist Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet “suicide”

9 06 2016

Natural News – PoisonFamily of autism specialist Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet says forensic evidence points to murder, impossible for bullet entry to be self-inflicted

Nearly one year has passed since Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, a renowned physician known for his skepticism of immunizations (particularly the MMR vaccine) and his progressive autism research was found dead, floating in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot wound.

Leading up to his death, Bradstreet was working with a highly controversial molecule that occurs naturally within the human body and is believed to be capable of treating and reversing autism. . . . (more)


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Del Bigtree: You CAN’T Do Enough Studies That Prove Vaccines Are Safe

1 06 2016





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