Grenfell Tower Inquiry is a SHAM!

5 03 2018

The Guardian [UK] – Labour councillors say they are being cut out of Grenfell fire inquiry

Labour councillors representing the survivors of the Grenfell tower fire have claimed they are being excluded from the inquiry.

The councillors, including Emma Dent Coad, who unexpectedly overturned a Conservative majority of more than 7,000 to win the seat for Labour the week before the blaze, said their request for core participant status had been turned down three times by the inquiry chairman, Sir Martin Moore-Bick….”

who is this assh— ???. . .

WikiSpooks – Martin Moore-Bick

George Monbiot: Here’s why the Grenfell inquiry will be a stitch-up


“Is the latest travesty Sir Martin Moore-Bick overseeing the GRENFELL TOWER INQUIRY whose expertise was always in COMMERCIAL LAW & SHIPPING LAW NEVER in HOUSING LAW NOR to ever support the most VULNERABLE people in society. On being advised from the CABINET OFFICE to consider a suitably qualified lawyer as an ‘ASSESSOR’ who lives at the other end of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) to where the GRENFELL TOWER TRAGEDY took place [on 14 (5) JUNE (6) 2017 [note the numeration with great occultic symbolic significance] at Latimer Road, North Kensington, in the WEST of the Borough] and the same knew none of the residents in the area, either living or deceased, the retired Judge misleadingly MISREPRESENTED on the front page of the Evening Standard that one person can NOT be considered as he is ‘FROM THE AREA’. The Judge well knew that such words were a BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION of the TRUTH. There was NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST that would justify a person such as the interested legally qualified person being considered. What drove the retired Judge to TOTALLY MISREPRESENT THE TRUTH?”

Most of our readers know what this means –

Martin Moore-Bick came out of Christ’s College. They have not-so-Christian teaching ….
Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom. Danger A school teaching the very occult and esoteric Ageless Wisdom and other Eastern teachings. Formerly operated as Seven Ray Foundation.

Their weird course

It took no time at all to link the Seven Ray thing to Crowley’s O.T.O. – Ordo Templi Orientis

Christ’s Church is part of Cambridge, Crowley’s haunt.

key word: GLOBALISM

The Christ College in Relation to the World
The present fact of globalisation implies that humanity, as a whole, is reaching a relativelyadvanced level of integration. We are told that this new situation is due to the impact of higher spiritual energies emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and fromShamballa, the planetary head centre. With the Externalisation of the Hierarchy now in process, the interplay between these higher energies and the Human Kingdom is,increasingly, becoming an important fact in human consciousness” — (emphasis ours -F.C.)

Letter to the assh— from the Society of Black Lawyers:
“Our ongoing engagement, the meeting last night and your community meeting this evening has, inter alia, uncovered extreme concern about continuing and chaotic failures on the ground to provide consistent advice from allocated social workers, family liaison officers and others working for the various local authorities under ‘Gold Command’, exacerbating trauma, stress and anxiety. Whilst Gold Command may not fall within your remit, the constant and often distressing struggles that members of the community are facing, on a daily basis, impacts directly on their ability to engage with your community meetings and for you to obtain the best input possible. This already extremely traumatised community is effectively being disabled from effective engagement. How is that expected to assist your Inquiry?”

The Telegraph [UK] – The case where he was accused of allowing ‘social cleansing’

The Independent [UK] – Oscars 2018: Frances McDormand pays tribute to ‘power’ of Grenfell Tower billboards stunt

Recent – Grenfell Tower inflammable cladding was never tested

The Tower, The Tarot Card and the Grenfell Fire




Grenfell Tower inflammable cladding was never tested

28 02 2018

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Dear Kitty. Some blog

Grenfell Tower claddingBy Richard Tyler in Britain:

Grenfell Tower combustible cladding was never tested

27 February 2018

The cladding used in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower was never subject to legally required fire safety tests.

According to the London Times, no record of independent testing of the cladding/insulation system has been found by three separate investigations into the Grenfell fire, including the government’s own expert panel on fire safety, the Metropolitan Police and the Hackitt Review into building regulations.

The potential risk extends to 299 other high-rise buildings in England that use similar cladding and insulation, including at least nine hospitals, 160 social housing blocks, 31 student residences, 13 public buildings and 95 private residential blocks.

The Times quotes a source with knowledge of the investigations saying, “The question has to be asked is how on earth did this material come to be installed on all of those…

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Grenfell fire and social cleansing in London

25 07 2017

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 20 July 2017 video from England is called Grenfell Tower: survivors rage at councillors and conflicts of interest in testing exposed.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Grenfell fire: social cleansing by London councils widespread

24 July 2017

Last year, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council (RBKC) raised more money from the sale of two council houses than it spent on the combustible cladding used to “refurbish” Grenfell Tower.

The cheap cladding and insulation material ensured a fourth-floor fridge fire became a blazing inferno that rapidly consumed the 24-storey building, killing at least 80 people.

Just £3.5 million was spent on the cladding surrounding the 120-apartment high-rise. In contrast, the Conservative-controlled council raised £4.5 million from the sale of two three-bedroom homes in the richer southern part of the borough, according to financial records obtained by the Guardian.

The newspaper reports that one of…

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The Grenfell Tower Fire – 500 Dead – The Result of Govt Negligence and Class War

27 06 2017

AND . . .
Queen’s income rises to £82m to cover cost of Buckingham Palace works

“The Queen is in line for a near-doubling of her income to more than £82m due to a government decision to increase her funding to cover “essential works” to Buckingham Palace.”
Will that include decorative cladding to make her haunted house castle more appealing? We know where she can get some cheap!

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

An excellent 5 minute exposé of the rot that has set into a once caring humankind. A must watch in my opinion.

Published on Jun 20, 2017

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20 06 2017

Where are the 500 Grenfell tower victims?


Outrage Upon Outrage – Looking at the Fire-Trap Owners, Kensington and Chelsea Council

20 06 2017

Kensington and Chelsea Council own the Grenfell Towers and were the brains behind the super-flammable cladding.

Council responsible for Grenfell Tower has built up £274 million in reserves

=   =   =   =

The leader of Kensington and Chelsea offered to resign after the council was heavily criticised for its response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, the Standard has been told.

QUIT? How about SURRENDER to police for MASS HOMICIDE, fire-trap author, Nicholas Paget-Brown??

Video: expert breaks down as he tells of warning of ‘totally avoidable’ #Grenfell fire




Dear Kitty blog – London Grenfell Tower, corporate-Conservative manslaughter

Lily Allen calls for updated London fire death toll in emotional TV interview

“Allen had said there was “a lot of anger” among residents toward the local council.
. . .The council tends to try and drive people apart here. So many community centres have been closed down, pubs have been closed down and made into housing for rich people. People are not encouraged to have a community spirit,” she said.”

NOTE: Today the main “news” sites are ignoring the serious questions about the preventable fire, banning coverage of the protests across the UK and turning up the P.R. machine for what this or that celebrity [sic] thinks or this or that celebrity [sic] hosting some no-accounting fundraiser gala. YouTube is highly censored on the topic and does not return search results. – F.C.

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Grenfell Neighbors Speak Out + Building Policy on Tenant Deaths

20 06 2017

London Residents Speak The Truth About The Grenfell Tower Fire


2004 publication: